Early Access version 72

There already is such an option.

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not on mobile

I was ashamed of myself because I kept thinking that those clothes gonna kill me when I was young


i thought that too on my first playthroughs

In the new version of Henperror boss (when the beams around to left), in start of this wave hes very long delay (about 10 seconds) till the henperor go up.

iA at “Technological Advances” there were Gatling Guns, I had low firepower so I missed one, but the Pecking Order still counts and I got its points too.

Also why it says that at @yousef’s dare:

I didn’t end session even once, could it be something else?

I you used Bullet Spray Expander W+Lightning, Plasma or Positron, will it make them wider?

Could environment icons show when pausing the game? Example: image

At “Marching On” wave where player is facing the right direction the Pecking Order starts from up to down, but when the player is facing the left direction the Pecking Order starts from down to up. Why is it reversed? And why is there even Pecking Orders at “Marching On” wave? I know you said that you don’t want anybody asking you to edit/add/remove Pecking Order at waves but you still do it because it’s necessary, so I thought to add mine too, to make sure if it’s intended or not.

Could it start with CCW just to avoid confusion? Same for Multiplicity next version too.

Could you add a Darkness Boss Rush? And of Bossa Nova shows the darkness will be gone for the entire wave.

Could 6 Big Chickens show at “Show’em who’s Boss” from 100% difficulty instead of 5? For the League.

Since Henperor attacks CC & CCW with lasers, could you give him a health buff at Chicken Exponentiality? Like Super Chick at Chicken where he can attack with his laser at least twice.

How about if someone of your contacts is flying a dare it shows their progress? Like is he at the beginning, at the middle, at the end. Example:
You can enable is at any type of mission too if you want especially at competitive ones.

Ok, so I dared him a normal dare, I should still be able to dare him friendly match though, I should wait for him to play it:
I said this because earlier today I dared Recruit_75 a friendly match and it is still let me dare him a normal dare even if he didn’t play the friendly match, see:
image image
The same should be when daring a normal dare, it should allow me to dare a friendly match without needing him to fly the normal dare.

Since you’re allowing it for all difficulties, I don’t think I deserve the medal. Also don’t forget to make it start with CCW instead of CW like I said above for the Henperor to aviod confusion as they originally start with CCW. Pro players are fine with it, I mean new players will be confused which means they’ll die, it’ll be unfair for them as originally in CI5 & CI4 they start with CCW, they might even think it’s a bug.

At Chicken Multiplicity: could you make Super Chick from “It’s a bird! It’s a plane!” replace Super Chick from Chicken Multiplicity by 50% chance? Plz don’t say no, it’ll be more fun like:

Why Pecking Order is reversed at “Caged Animals/The Zoo” wave? It appear at the last enemy not the first.

How about when daring someone and their name got highlighted your name would still be highlighted too? Example:

  • image
    It won’t be confusing since the “Dare” button is removed.

Can barriers disappear at “Binary Stream/Scream” wave?

Could you add these results there:

Because many times I thought I didn’t fly the dare, but I actually did.

Could you make the amount of groups at “Out of Nowhere” wave appear depending of difficulty? Like only 3 groups from 0% to 50%, 4 groups from 50% to 100%, 5 groups from 100% to 140%.

3 stages at Weekly Challenge have a chance to be any type(including Chicken Invasion), are the first and last stages also have a chance to be replaced? Just to be sure.

Could you make Laserguns at “Panzer Strike” fire 2 times instead of one? It’s just too easy, maybe do the same for Gatling Guns too.

Yolk™ needs a bigger hitbox:

I noticed that “Bossa Nova” uses the “Supernova Debris” attack a lot especially at high difficulties, I fought it a lot and made sure that it uses this attack more than the other attacks, it use it more the more difficulty gets increased. You could say this is just the randomizer, okay take this: it once used the “Supernova Debris” attack 5 times in a row, it was around 135% diff. Now at 80% diff it does only 3 times in a row, that’s why I said it depend on difficulty. So please make its chance smaller so the attacks can be balanced.
Note: I didn’t fought it 2 or 3 time then reported, I’ve fought it for about 8 months and noticed that it used “Supernova Debris” attack mostly depending on difficulty.

How about at Space Race only you make the barriers disappear as soon as you kill the last enemy?

When an enemy with the :warning: runs away (without being killed), the pecking order streak still goes on most of the times. I don’t know if it’s intended or not


Oh, yeah, it happened once before too, but I thought it was for Balloon Chickens only.

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When the pecking order was allowed on meteors, when the meteor with the :warning: disappeared the sign went to another meteor nearby

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Where is my medal?

Does your username and your in-game callsign match? If not, tell your callsign to IA.

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Can “Twice Infinity” have a variation on the rotation at the start?


chicken acrobatic wave has no mirrored versions form UP & DOWN. can we have it?

Already suggested >:)

well, What if “Henperor Apprentice” has a variant that appears from above? or position variants for the Henterprice? Or how about an “Egg Multiplicity” where all the eggs are?, How about a rotation variant for the crab barrier v2.0?, What if during the stellar journey we could place the songs we want on a radio,? What if “Alien Mothership” had variants in the potion of its pieces? What if “Iron chef” had the ability to throw bubbles or use them as a barrier? xD

Most of those ideas are dumb lol

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How to get kicked.

  1. browse b r
  2. you done.

Don’t mind the background music, its from my music player.

Btw, you can get kicked by typing in the contacs search bar any letter + an space + any other letter

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Can you make maneuvering jets cheaper. For the sake of BX spacecraft users, and those who fly in massive missions.

If they are then why you suggest them XD?

Also I agree with some like if Iron Chef used bubbles they’ll protect him from player bullets unlike fruits.

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Because… i dont know man, maybe they can help lol xD

Maybe in the game we can have a “fruit gun”, tutifruti gun lol

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Would the new translation infrastructure make a hypothetical “custom quips” feature easier or harder to implement?