Early Access version 59.3

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I hope you don’t mind me asking, but are the “incentives” for CHL taken into consideration/in the game yet?

Speaking of which: Perhaps you can make ship customization free/cheaper for those with a license? Would attract the more artsy ones.

And to elaborate a bit on Universal Grandmaster… It’s not a difficulty that’s supposed to be absolutely impossible. It’s just supposed to be extremely difficult, but still fair. Y’know, something that separates the Men from the Kids. That’s why just a mere +50% difficulty won’t cut it. At least a 60% or 75% would make it genuinely more difficult, but then it’ll come with the risk of a wave being entirely minibosses. And as we know, harder bosses are something really sought after, so the difficulty boost would at least make them “hopefully” a tougher challenge.


I stumbled across this, I was wondering if some new bosses or enemies could use this type of look?
It looks much better in my opinion.


Hey iA , just found out a bug. When I closed the game and re-open it , my spacecraft was on literary somewhere else , not the planet I was. Then it went back.
Sadly I don’t have the photos cause it was too fast.

Oh yeah, it sometimes happen to me too. I think it won’t be fixed.

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Maybe they automaticly head to Spaceburger.

So it’s the License Exclusive gear, right?

How much better are they in comparison to the current best gear? (Hall-Effect Thruster, Cubic Boron Arsenide Heat Sink, H&C301, M-408, BX-9) :thinking:

A little taster (or teaser if you’re the kind for boring words) would be nice.

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T7 gear? Interesting…

Why when I change my account I will get the connection timed out timed out error?

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Hm, odd. Do you remember if your last disconnection was while travelling? Or were you stationary/docked on a planet?

There’s no new equipment yet. I’ve just marked some of the existing equipment as “only for licensed pilots” (currently, only the top model in each spacecraft line is marked). This means you can officially only buy them if you have a license – but you are also given the option of buying them as contraband (they are twice as expensive in that case, though).

The tricky part is how to properly test this mechanic without requiring players to buy licenses with actual money yet :thinking:


When will you make a topic for V60?
I think it is today

when it’s done


When will it be done fully?

when it’ll be done fully


Ahhh! :expressionless:

That’s good enough for players who don’t want the license

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Can the henperor in wave CHICKEN EXPONENTIALLY be angry like twin bosses?
Cuz the attacks of henperor are little stronger in exponentially

Ironically, not every top model of each spacecraft line are the most popular, and only in the BX-9’s case does the top model actually provide a significant enough gameplay difference from the other models and it’s not even a universally positive change from the other models. Basically, there’s already no real reason gameplay-wise to pick an H&C 301 over a 201 Pullet or a 101 Hatchling, or to buy an M408 over an M404 or an M400. In fact making them twice as expensive for regular players would make them even more unpopular than they already are. If this system was to be implemented, the current spaceships would need to be rebalanced.

Also, if the plan is to mark other ships that are near the top of their respective spaceship line such as the M404 and M408 in the Muller lineup or the BX-8 and the BX-9 in the Bomber lineup, then that would just make it much more annoying to most players since the M404 is by my knowledge, the second most popular spaceship after the H&C101.
It wouldn’t make much of a difference on the H&C lineup since most people will just skip to the Muller lineup.
As for the bombers, it would just make the BX-8 and BX-9 more unpopular.


Why should he be angry though? Because the Henperor didn’t give him his cake?


Speaking of which, I wonder if you saw this:


I’m reluctant about this. On principle, all weapons should have the same price if they’re perfectly balanced. A cheapest-to-most-expensive ratio of 266% (in your example) betrays (in the absence of other considerations) a lack of balance.

I will probably end up splitting the prices into 3 tiers, but the price difference will not be so drastic (perhaps on the order of +25% for each tier).