Early Access version 15

Maybe add not having to pay for aleardy used colors for your spaceship, some kind of slot to save your spaceship look and able to share it (i think this was aleardy suggested)

Also what is the use of droids

A “mark all as read” button would also be a nice feature


If you mean

you can play Droid Raid missions by clicking on them (while being in the same star system as them). You can find them on star systems with Space Burgers.


Droid raid?

I know that kind of mission is from Chicken Invaders 4 it must be similar to it

Caused by an incorrect database query. Fixed in v.16.

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Pic pls

I think that’s should be nice and useful some details details details

something like missions progress

i don’t know how meny are they…it’s an example

and then something like that


the x whould means thar are still missions to do on that planet!

by the way on the retro mission i made a mistake :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::grinning::grinning::grinning:
at the end of the day the concept and the idea it’s important!


Btw I think you put smaller amount first, then the bigger one. As in x divided by y, x out of y. x/y

Has anything big or important been added since version 11? I haven’t been keeping up.

Retro mission type, Space Race challenges, Contacts and comparing your stats to other players.

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After a long mission, after feeling that relief I very often forget to add the mission to favourites. How about a “Recently Played Missions” list which lists your five most recent missions played, from where you can add them to favourites?
Also, from favourites, how about a “Locate” option which shows the planet it is on?


Oh yeah

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Now… I know that many people will disagree but I find easy that stage in ci3 and I really hope that these won’t be nerfed too much.
(Hard mission exist, I know)
Will the theme be in the shop?


So… quoting a quote doesn’t say the original post maker… interesting…

HYPE! I hope that the comets doesn’t comes always from below and that they will be remastered.

Yay! I’m so hyped!


hope theres some goodies there

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Fixed in v.17

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