Strange Error “This account no longer exists.”

I haven’t played in a few years and today when I tried to sign in after updating I wasn’t able to link my account, when I put in my email associated with my forum account it said there wasn’t an account found. So I tried to add the email to the guest account, but it gave me another error. I tried to look for posts about it but nothing came up.

The guest account that you used to play those years ago has been deleted due to inactivity… There’s nothing you can do – simply start a new account.


Have you bought a Chicken Hunter Licence? If not, since you were inactive for a few years, your account was deleted.

Or to put it simply, this account no longer exists.


Its probably because you were inactive for so long and you haven’t bought CHL in the first place otherwiese you’ll have to start a new one instead

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Chicken Hunter Licence


(Known bugs & new features):

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If you don’t know, simply be silent.

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Alright, I don’t mind my progress being gone, but how do I make a new account with my old email? Or, will I have to use another email address?

If your old account has been deleted, then you can re-use that e-mail. Simply log in normally (“Save the world”) using whatever account. If the account has been deleted, the game will create a new one for you automatically. After tier 3 the game will also ask you to associate an e-mail with your new account.


relaxxxx… start over again it would be work.

Thanks, I suppose it makes sense my account was deleted for inactivity since the last time I played was in, I think, version 50 something lol.

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