Early Access version 79

Changed in v.80 :medal_sports: Idea

Fixed in v.80 :medal_sports: Bug

Known. Dynamically-generated enemies (such as the pilots ejected from saucers) cannot participate in the repeateable RNG (because their spawn order varies depending on which one you kill first)

Interestingly, this was not possible for many years due to how firepower upgrade was implemented: your old weapon was deleted, and a new (more powerful) weapon was created in its place. This made it impossible to transfer some values (such as overdrive) between the two weapons. I have now bit the bullet and changed how it works – the same weapon is kept, which means what you are asking for became possible automatically. Changed in v.80 :medal_sports: Idea

Parking lights are different than strobe lights. Using strobe lights instead is fairly easy – however, it’s much harder to keep them in sync as you customize them mid-session, so I decided to skip that feature :frowning:

I did one better. Changed in v.80 :medal_sports: Idea


Can’t. Technically, the message that pops up is already the confirmation – I can’t have a second one.


iA, can you add an environment to the double team?

iA, what about this

and this: Early Access version 79 - #150 by Francis?

Yes. Any food spawned outside the screen gets immediately removed (well, not exactly, but it’s an accurate simplification). So if the center of the chickenaut is outside the screen…

Added to v.80 :medal_sports: Idea (:earth_americas: This needs translating)


This was already suggested by me:

Will it appear at “Asteroids! No, really” wave too?

Medal shared.

No, just on “Asteroids”.

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Is there a difference between these two tips?


They’re literally the same thing (correct me if I’m wrong). Is one of them even necessary?


I’d rather it be strobe lights that don’t update until I fly a mission or something than just generic white lights. But I may be alone in that, and I suppose it could cause unnecessary confusion. Just my two cents.

U can skip this
At least adding custom colour to that :neutral_face:

I remember I came up with this kind of idea too, but the iA refused

found it

It’s a mistake. I’ve removed the “safe box” one.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just the color or the full customized blink pattern – I can’t sync changes to either.


While we’re at it, what about the ambient sound of UFO Chick’s and Chickens?
En masse, they’re irritatingly loud.
Conversely, can the slob attacks be louder? A slob’s ring of poop is actually worthy of attention, and the current sound is often drowned out by other sound effects.

iA how about add score for early bird based on difficulty
start at 50%
each 10% will add score by 1000
(note:if someone already suggested this please tell me)

What about RTL GUI? Because in CI4 the overheated HUD was in the top right and the lives was in the buttom right when using RTL language.

Suggestion for a quip:“IA, please nerf!”
Appears on infamous waves like pulsating grid, wormhole, roulette and whatever other wave I might have missed(since I’ve been away for a while, maybe more epic waves came by in the meantime that I don’t know of), including all their variants. Should only appear on high difficulty(80% and above? Maybe 100% and above?), after the wave is over, and only if the player lost at least one life(optional).


sound, maybe once the hero dies in such waves he shoulder say “Blimey! I got owned.”


bri’ish authentic hero

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How can he say when he’s ded

from where did his shoulder come from?