Early Access version 49

At this hard daily challenge the 2nd wave was bubble rings and it took a lot of time to beat it and a lot of keys appeared in it and I noticed that all of them appeared in the enemies that are on the top of the screen only.

It means that you can make it explode whenever you want.

not a bug


Reminds me of a song where “over” is contracted into “o’er.” Language does really evolve.

Weird that the game suggests me an inconsistent route. When I clicked a star system (in orange circle), the highway goes through at this star system (in red circle).

Then when I clicked that another star system (in red), it suggests me another route.

The comparison between two suggested routes.

It’s on Acoetes constellation by the way.

Will these be included as well on the fix? They’re on the lowercase as well, unless these will be intentional.

Two words: Learn Engrlish


iA, how about adding boss chickens that shoot using the recruit’s weapons, just like in Megaman, when you defeat a robot and take their weapon (So basically, bosses/chickens that fire using the Hero’s weapons and then drop these weapons once they die) As an example, the Ion Boss Chicken will shoot 3 bullets towards the player (like ion with 3 fp), and it will move like the Crazy Squakker/Chicken #2147etc in the 120th anniversary.

Also a couple of notes
1= This idea should be added in v51
2= This idea was designed by @OneWingLunarian


Why don’t we juſt make everything all caps and have done with it?

I MEAN, OTHER THAN THE FACT THAT IT’D LOOK REALLY BAD. Though Frankly This Iſn’t Great Either, In My Opinion.


Why it SHOULD be added in particular? Еxplain a little more, because that sounded like Medo wrote this. And also if the idea was designed by C., why didnt she post that by herself?

Meh, no reason. I just wanted to let someone else use the idea.

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I already learn english


Already included in:

Already included in:


@InterAction_studios Oh and before I forget, these ideas should be added in v51

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His choice m8

@InterAction_studios when clicking Fly again button the screen doesn’t show that part:
Fly again

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Why is it not possible to compare with a player from another solar system? can IA allow this please?
i hope you can understand what i mean


Bc you didnt visited his system solar, when you visit it, you Will compare players

That’s been fixed as a side-effect of disallowing certain equipment in certain missions. Go figure.


Changed in v.51 :medal: Idea