CIU version 138 BETA

yeaaaahhhh, i sure wonder where did all the capitalized stuff went

that’s an modded game screenshot

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isn’t that my screenshot with a modded version of the game font

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Bug ? : chatting button does not appear during cut-scene in CI 5 in mobile/android

This will be my last post for CI5 episode mission.
If you noticed, you will know that the undestroyed barriers (idk which name is better) only have in CIU. That means all barriers in both Ci4 and Ci5 can be destroyed, though this is very hard to destroy all of them. However, if we want to keep anything from CI series to Episode mission in CIU, i think those barrier in some waves like Three Stroke Engine, Lethal Connection,… should be possible to destroy like how CI4 or Ci5 game working. “From Cover to Cover” is the only wave that keeping from CI5 game to Episode mission about the barriers. Sorry for no proof because i don’t remember exactly where are they in CI5.

Food and coins can bounce off the terrain. But there is no bouncing off the boulders on Underwater and Storm planets so foods & coins can penetrate boulders.

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Add Icy planet too

During the first wave of chapter 8, after the hero said “Blown away, little guy?”, the 2nd chick are slowly appear unlike in original CI5.


Allowed. Trying to bounce them would cause problems when they’re trapped between a boulder and the edge of the screen.

Ehh… ok. Fixed in v.138 :medal_sports: Bug

I don’t see any difference. The chicks speed up after appearing in both cases.


So why you still keep the barriers in “From Cover to cover” wave that be possible to be destroyed (yes i’m talking about the barriers at the corner of the screen)?
Also, my question (or suggestion, bug??) is about CI5 Episode mission, not for CIU mission.

Sry bro but in my opinion i dont like that idea

when i played CIU in easter and thanksgiving i noticed that CI5 bosses didnt redesigned so my idea is redesign CI5 bosses to easter and thanksgiving seasons

Hey iA,why do we need to continue our chl purchase in forum?

because that’s how it works, stop asking dumb questions.

iA was said:

Cut lightning chain texture. In wave 72.

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Wait, what does the U mean at the end of the CI games? Ultimate

The full meaning of those are basically Chicken-Invaders-X-in-Universe aka ported version of episodes in CIU.

I noticed there are some chickens immediately disappeared before even flew to the bottom. It was caught when I spare a line of chicken in blue crystal zone (cave level). Is it intended?

get a device that can run ciu through google play before complaining that the link goes to paypal or something


CIU means Chicken Invaders Universe

I know that. I meant the U in like CI3U, CI4U