Collection of ideas liked by InterAction Studios

I’m just bored so I thought that I’ll sort all ideas liked by IA so we can see what we can probably expect in CIU.
I don’t know to which category this topic belongs so feel free to help me with that.


Plan Update #03

1. Weapons

2. Enemies

3. Bosses

4. Gameplay

5. Customization

6. Waves

7. Satellites

8. Consumable weapons

9. Uncategorized

10. Medals


How much time did you spent searching all of those posts? That’s a lot of ideas!

I think that these “ideas” can be considered only one. Didn’t?


Put the post in early access
It deserve that

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Haha, i see all my suggestions here and hoping some of theme to be included in the game. The egg tormentor and the lost brother of the Yolk Star are my favorites. Well good job, its very helpfull topic.


I started it ~3,5 hours ago, but I had one YouTube break in bathroom.

They can be considered one, but I’ll leave it as it is (more details about the boss)

That was the moment when I realized that I need to do something more for this awesome game.

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You are mad… but in a positive sense

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Who in their right mind would want to be ſane?


Who in the right mind plays chicken invaders?
Is sad that we are tagged as “players that play bad games” only because the name of the game we are pkaying with is not known as Fortnite, COD or Brawl stars

Hey, at leaſt the game deſigners know how to ſpell. Seeïng “Fortnite” always bugs me.

Its a joke for so many old school arcade players. I cant understand them, this franchise is fantastic!

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And I am sad that those people consider US the ones that plays only on a joke.
The humor
The ideas
This comunity
The graphic
Makes these games fantastics!

The joke is that @EmeraldPlay didn’t get the reference when I asked about big chicken #69105.

What was the joke?

most of the kids in 2002 wanted to play CI2 so badly tho
kids in 2018 play fortnite, COD and all those FPS hip games which even isn’t distributed for the ages of them, it’s just sickening to see kids like those bad games and call people who play actual good games that existed in 90’s and after on bad players

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League of Legends have the worst community along with the Fortnite.

It’s a matter of opinion if game is good or bad. Everyone is different and likes different things.

I also used to hate games. One game that made me stop it was Undertale. I so much hated that game, I didn’t understand why everybody loves it so much and I mean SO much. It was extremely popular. And I started watching the gameplay and then another, and another. This game was one of masterpieces of gamedev and it was very detailed in matter of story.

And I’ll tell you something. Fortnite is also great advantage for gamedev. It was played on so many configurations that developers have nearly infinite source of data for development and optimization. And you know what else are they authors of? Unreal Engine. Game engine that is famous for advanced graphics and cross-platform - Switch, PC, Xbox One, PS4. It also supports Vulkan API that is the future of cross-platform and you can run it even on Android. So if only developers would ditch DirectX API and start using Vulkan it would make future really bright and awesome place when it comes to gaming. So I wish Epic Games all the best. Their shop is also great advantage for gamedevelopers, but entitled Steam users don’t understand that it can help to make more awesome games by increasing the budget of developers. I kind of understand the rage with Metro Exodus because of “last-minute” approach, but Review bombing is bad practice and they wonder why Epic store right now doesn’t have review system.

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all games are good yes, i tried fortnite, undertale and all those games, and i extremly liked them, but want to know something i extremly hate about games? their toxic, obnoxious fanbases, full of children which scream at you if you say that you don’t like the game they love. (//smalledit//) but yeah, you made a pretty good point here too.

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Then don’t sit in those communities. Enjoy it yourself or with not-toxic friends from that fan-base. I also like FNAF and while it’s know for children and clickbait youtube videos, I love to talk about it’s story and make theories with friends (Yes, I watch Game theorists. Would be interesting to see his theory based on CI games)

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Game Theory: CHICKEN INVADERS - The Hero’s SECRET Identity! (It’s Big Chicken #214748363)