[Concept] Weapon - Egg Clinger

Name isn’t final
Artwork used here is coming from someone who barely has any understanding of artwork programs, hence lacking the “prettiness” compared to the actual game. Please keep that in mind while judging. Explanation, weapon mechanic is given in the example picture below. Further questions will be answered of course. :slight_smile:

Hopefully image got parsed correctly and can be enlarged externally or internally of the forums.

Approximate damage: 100 - 120
Approximate fire rate: 4 bursts/s (similar to neutron gun)
Approximate fire rate manual: 5 bursts/s
Approximate Power use/overheat automatic: 6 seconds
Approximate power use/overheat manual: 8 seconds
Approximate difficulty: requires almost no precise aiming

Regards ~ PeriCore

PS: Weapon example template can be used freely, would appreciate it if credit is given.


The weapon seems to be good, though those bars don’t tell us much.

It’s hard to give proper statistics if no statistics are given so far. hence I can only go for approximate values or in this case no values at all.

If I had to go for values, the fire rate should be on-par with the neutron gun, the damage/tick could be around the value of a single bullet from the photon swarm times the amount of ticks, the power use could come also relatively close to the neutron gun, difficulty determines how hard it is to use, low difficulty means no work needed, high difficulty means strategic use.

I guess those bars can be seen as current weapon comparisons. Taking from the wiki, Full damage means on par with neutron gun, full fire rate could be on par with photon swarm, power use could be on par with riddler and full difficulty… good question.

I’ll add some approximate values.


Well, regarding your artistic skills, I believe most in-game sprites are renders of 3D models, so tbh I wouldn’t expect anyone’s concept art to look as good as it actually would in the game. (unless we’re talking about no-effort things like lasers)

I like the idea, one of the more interesting ones so far imo. I think I have some ideas regarding balancing.

First: I think the automatic fire rate is fine as it is, but manual should probably be raised to 6.5/s (which is what most weapons in the game use).

Assuming that by level 1 you mean power level 0, I think the starting damage value should be 50. That would put the max :zap:0 damage per second at 1950. Max damage would be 100, so at :zap:10 it would be 13000 (just slightly below Neutron Gun). :zap:20 would be 19500, which is slightly more than Utensil Poker (though I think the overheat rate will counterbalance that).