Miscellaneous ideas

hello, today I come to say my ideas for you, I hope you like them and if you want to criticize them or give recommendations, they are welcome.

  1. sniper: this satellite is shaped like a sniper rifle, from which comes a red lazer (which says where the bullet goes) this shoots in a straight line, will do 1000 damage (kill any common enemy in one hit), but it only has 3 bullets and you must have great precision.

  2. Radio: this satellite will have the shape of WALKIE TALKIE, which when activated will drop a box of supplies (you can have power ups, recharge for satellites or weapons for the ship), it will only have one use.

  3. Automatic microgun: this satellite is like the microgun but smaller, which points to the enemies automatically, will have less ammunition than the original and 25% less damage but watch the friendly side points at the enemy automatically.

  4. heart container: this satellite will have a heart shape, which should keep the button pressed to shoot for 10 seconds, at the end of that time it will give you an extra life. It will not be so easy since all your weapons will be deactivated in 10 seconds (except satellites) so you will have to survive in that time.


  1. Ar 68: this is an old-school weapon, it shoots projectiles like old planes, although it looks like the riddler is different since it shoots straight and does not extend like this, it will do 850 damage (at level 20) ), will have a medium overheating, and visually will be a peephole that had the old aircraft. This weapon will do more damage to the enemies or armored bosses.

  2. Y-Ray: the deadly form of X-rays, this weapon does not have overheating, but it will be necessary to keep the firing button 5 seconds to take out the great power of this weapon (if you do not press it that time the weapon does not fire ), will deal 2500 damage (at level 20), has a range of spreading equal to the length of the ship.

Passive improvements:

  1. better than a turret: all automatic weapons (Vulcan Chaingun, Boron Railgun, Photon Swarm, Riddler, Hypergun and Moron Railgun) will have 25% more damage.

  2. Revenge: if you lose 1 life your damage increases by 15% (only works when losing 1 life, if you lose another your damage will not increase)

  3. golden bullet: this makes a gold bullet pay 5%, this will do 10% more damage than the others and will give a key to kill a chicken.

  4. overwhelming personality: our pilot will have the option to negotiate the price of the objects of the stores, with the possibility of lowering its price but with the danger of being expelled from that store and you can not buy ahy for 3 hours.

  5. Duplicator: what this device does is duplicate either power ups, weapons, food or keys with a probability of 10%

  6. more controls: this object will give the ability to move the ship not only top, bottom, left or right but now it can be rotated (the gravity will not change as do the waves that occupy this option).

  7. ESC: with a 0.5% chance of being able to jump a wave.

  8. chicken bone: it will give you luck in obtaining what your heart desires (obviously they will be keys).


That heart satellite could just be used when the current wave is almost cleared except for one enemy, and that sniper rifle is rather weak. It won’t be enough to one-shot ordinary enemies in later chapters.

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My thoughts:
Sniper- useless. Other satellites can do way more than this.
Walkie talkie- idk. Seems fine.
Automatic microgun- in the end,you’re getting the same,if not worse result than with microgun. I suppose that it would be okay when you can’t hit the enemy by normal means,but that’s a rare occasion,considering that your ship can rotate in such waves,unless IA make it so your ship doesn’t rotate.
Heart container- OP. 10 seconds of deactivated weapons is nothing most of the time. Getting a life for something like this is too much.
No real complaints about the new weapons,aside from the fact that Y-ray’s downside of having to hold 5 second before firing isn’t that much of a downside. Keep the firing button pressed,and you’ll get to fire it as much as you want.
Better than a turret is a great idea,considering that automatic weapons are generally worse than manual weapons.
But is positron improved,too? It’s also an automatic firing weapon.
Revenge seems…okay,I guess?
I don’t understand the golden bullet.
Overwhelming personality is interesting,but completely RNG-based. Same for duplicator. And ESC.
More controls sounds like a cool idea.


thanks for the criticism, I think I did not think that satellite well, Any other criticism about my other ideas?

thanks for the criticism, the sniper did not think it well the truth, the satellite heart I think it is very OP, which is RNG ?, better than a turret is only for rapid projectiles not for lazer weapons such as the plasma rifle or positron. I really thought that more controls would be a very bad idea xD I’m glad you think well about that.

RNG is random number generator,or basically…luck. Which means that I don’t really like those passive improvements I mentioned that require RNG. Positron might be a laser projectile,but it still does shoot about 10 times per second with automatic fire,just like most other automatic firing weapons.

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mmmmmmm interesting.

heart sattelite is op and lots of op

lots of op? i dont understabd that

leike is op and then op a lot more

oh okey xD thanks for that

I prefer a damage count even for 10 seconds thing.

what do you prefer that?

Like 1500 damage for open it and maybe a crate named as pasific crate and you need to dont shoot 10 seconds for open it.

I had also thought about that time, but I thought it would be too much now I see that it’s okay with the 10 seconds.

Just an idea…
20 chrctr

20 chrctr???

That’s to bring the number of characters up to the minimum of 20 characters.

EDIT: Typo: “minimum”, not “maximum”. Thank you @xXmlgDiegoXx for bringing that to my attention. Alſo, general correction of the ſentence to make it make ſenſe.

nope, must have a minimum of 20 characters

Yeah,that’s exactly why they said that.