Flamethrower chicken


So, I was thinking about boſſes today, and I thought “Why don’t we give the barbecuer to a big chicken?” The idea is that the chicken has a weapon ſimilar to the barbecuer, which iſn’t much of a threat to the hero due to the ſhort to medium range (maybe it could reach the bottom of the ſcreen but not the corners), but the flame would vaporize your projectiles, and the chicken would throw the empty fuel tanks at you as well, ſlightly increaſing difficulty. The attack pattern ſhould be:

  • Three ſeconds of flame thrower moving back and forth while aimed in a downward-iſh direction (to be clear, it ſwivels, not ſlides) under the chicken (vapourizing the hero’s projectile paſſing through it),

  • A brief pauſe of half a ſecond to a ſecond,

  • The throwing of a fuel tank at the hero and recommencement of the flamethrower.

As far as health, maybe 60.000-80.000 (?). It muſtn’t be too much, becauſe the vapourizing ability of the flamethrower will ſlow things down ſlightly and the attack is ſimple enough to riſk boredom. As ſomeöne who’s done the CI5 egg billiards at 3-0 firepower, I can tell you that too much of a repetitive attack has a ſlight hypnotizing effect.