The Mechanical Menace

Wha whut? The painter is back at it again? Well, I am! Just one day and I have another idea. (:thinking:)
Anyway, as you know, most boss names are either refrences or puns, so I’d like for people to suggest an actual good name. Onto the thingy thing.

It be it.

It can shoot. Amazing. It can open it’s beak and shoot somewhat inaccurate bullets at the hero. Not dangerous alone, but together with…

Egg ships! Yes they are a UFO egg drone hybrids. Or UFE (Undetified Flying Egg). These UFE’s are spawned at the center of the boss, and will fly out. They will move around and shoot bolts. There should be a limit for how many can be on screen. Perhaps 8? 6?

Oh and this boss also uses the actual egg drones. It shoots them from it’s back, and then they go from the top to the bottom of the screen. They behave like in normal CI3 waves.

The most dangerous thing however is the boss’… alert attack? It’s eyes will blink red for 0.5-1 second, and then, if there are any, all egg drones will instantly attack (even if they shot already) and all UFE’s will try to slam the hero.

That’s mostly it. Again all suggestions and names welcome.

I know this boss requires CI3 content as well as a whole custom enemy, but if IA can use it somewhere else too, then it might be worth it. Otherwise some normal UFO could be used.

Also the pictures might imply that all attacks will be happening at once, but there should be some breathing room to clear out the UFE’s and dodge the egg drones. That doesn’t mean SSH can’t be chaotic :wink:


I like it all except one point:

I think they ſhould go quickly to the bottom and then ſlowly move up as per uſuäl (bottom to top, not top to bottom).

Alſo, I’d like to complement you on coming up with an original boſs idea that won’t be completely boooring on harder difficulties.

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With the Mechanical Menace and UFEs covering the top half of the screen I don’t think it’s a good idea to make Egg Drones move up. You’ll be forced to stay close to where egg drones appear and that will probably lead to a lot of undesired crashing. That, or you’ll get hit by a UFE bolt while doing some quick maneuvers because you had to dodge an egg drone that suddenly appeared right below you.
If egg drones move from top to bottom it will be easier to dodge drone lasers and UFE bolts at once, since both attacks will come from the same direction.
They can just come down faster or shoot more frequently to make them harder in higher difficulties.

And this, my friends, is exactly what’ll ſtop this boſs from becoming the ſtuff of legend like the Yolk Star.

I like it as a naturally more difficult boſs, rather than one that has to be adapted for higher difficulties.

I personalny prefer top to bottom as there would be little space to dodge at the bottom. However Im not against bottom to top, as long as the boss has some tell that egg drones are coming.

I figured they’d ſprout from the Menace and then poſition themſelves at the bottom.

Oh I thought that if they shot from the top of the boss then how would they come from the bottom… but I guess it can work? Though a bit wierd.

Much similar to Yolk-Star™️, it’s calling for reinforcements.

So? I think that it would be nice to have more bosses that call regular enemies for help.

What if it were called the Trojan Chicken?

You’ll probably kill me for saying this but that doesn’t make sense since a trojan horse is a virus type used by hackers and the menace isn’t even a computer program.

I can’t tell if you’re serious or not, so I’ll just be nice and assume you’re trolling.


I’m telling the truth

Info on the Trojan horſe here.


Oh. :frowning_face:

I just realized the google link actually has the ſ letter typed in.


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