List of suggestions and my critique

I must point out that there are few “bugs”, but they are not a case of life and death.
Also, I’m sorry if it seems like I hate this game for all the negative things on the list or something…
There’s a list of positive things after it. :slight_smile:


  1. Shots (all the way from CI3) are cut when generates. The very easy solution is to generate the sprite BEHIND the spaceship, and with a scale of 0% and then scale it up to 100%. (You can play with the numbers a bit to make it seems more realistic)
  2. When the screen is rotated, there are black spots on the side of the screen, showing what’s behind the background sprite. oops…?
  3. Make the money with different colors again, just like it was on CI3. Also, make more use with the money (which is something I never really understood - why do we have money if there is no use for it?) - it can be used to earn keys (1000 coins = 1 key), or for certain things in the store…
  4. Gifts can shine a bit… it can make the gifts more special… I think. at least they must be more diverse. I can barely able to distinguish between them…
  5. The Utensil Poker should be more silvery and less white. (Also they can shine a bit at the top edges)
  6. When the menu is shown, everything should be darker and not bluer, I consider it more aesthetic…
  7. The button design looks like the default square in powerpoint 2010… which is not the most beautiful thing. (although I’m getting used to it).
  8. This is something I wanted to suggest way back in 2015, for CI5, although today is not that necessary - the point/stuff panels can be more like a glass panel… again - it’s not that necessary but can be nice.
  9. The background can be two layers of stuff instead of one. This would give it a sense of depth.
  10. When killing the chickens, you can add an explosion effect or anything, more than the smoke effect which is sometimes not enough to cover the sudden disappearance of the chickens.

Game mechanics

  1. The spaceship should not stick very precisely to the mouse. It should barely follow it, struggling with sharp turns. And for that, you should upgrade to the better engine and the better spaceship.
  2. Don’t let the chickens have keys before they entered the screen! It makes the game less realistic.
  3. When the spaceship starts to move up fastly (After defeating the boss), everything that is not the spaceship should move down with the background. Yes, it would make the game annoying, so to prevent it from happening, just add 2 or 3 seconds before the spaceship starts to fly to the next level.
  4. I think… that this is the time to reintroduce the Neutron Gun/CI2 from CI2. I know, it’s old and the Neutron Gun is the updated version, but it would be nice to see it again.
  5. When chickens come close to their positions, they should have a nice transition between the two movements… (The one they had and the one they’re about to do)The Game Engine “Unity” has a nice function for this, it’s called Vector3.Lerp.

Game Levels

  1. The game levels - and I have huge respect for the amazing work you’ve done so far - must be more diverse. Especially the boss’s fights. Why not reintroduce the naked chicken, the purple astroids (but finally with enough space for them), the feathers level, or even the yolk from CI3? (But finally with enough space for it). I mean we’re talking about space. Who knows what those bloody chickens were able to do?


  1. Show me what I’m buying. Give me a clue. I mean, the explanation is mostly good, but for the weapons, it’s not that helpful… You can show a box with the spaceship in action - shooting the weapon, using the thing… so with the music. I have no idea what I’m buying, and this is a complete waste of keys and time.
  2. After cutscenes and before the next level/when flying between galaxies, the game can randomly show you a cutscene that shows you the spaceship finds something from the store thrown in space.
    BTW It can be a level or a contest instead to win a free thing from the store…


  1. Use the boss music and “mission success” from CI3. (mission success is the music played on the purple asteroids levels).

List of good things so you won’t feel bad because this game is really good

  1. The background is more beautiful than ever.
  2. It’s your most ambitious game you’ve ever built and it’s absolutely admirable!
  3. The store is for the first time something that I can really use, unlike previous games when to get a really good thing I should have spent days/weeks/months for it, replaying the same levels again and again which was at some point boring…
  4. The music from CI3 is the best music 2DB ever made - without a doubt!
    And I’m saying it from an orchestration, composition, and a production point of view.
  5. The use of more than one kind of spaceship is a very nice touch.
  6. The music on the menu and especially when you’re on an orbit is beautiful and done very smartly, with a lot of imagination - which is something that is so important to music, and art at all.

What do you think?
Did I miss anything? Or is there something which is totally wrong/useless and Inter Actions studios should never implement to the game…?
I would like to know!

Yours, and thank you for your time
Roei Meiri.

It would be nice to see the planet you close to when playing…
Also what happened to the chickens with the checkerboard shirt? and most importantly… if some of the things I suggested here are too much to the game engine and require a strong processor, the thing could be applied only if you chose “Things that only a strong computer can do” (It’s late now and I’m too tired to think about something smart right now…)

A very long topic… ha


Coins only give you points, and they all use the same color because white projectiles are supposed to be always deadly.
The spaceship used to follow the mouse instead of sticking closely to it, but it was disabled temporarily.
This game wasn’t made in Unity, but in iA’s own engine, UVE (short for Ultra VGA Engine). Though, it might have this function.
There will be more waves and bosses eventually.
The checkerboard shirt Chickens use regular shirts now, likely because Chicken types depend on the shirt they wear.


Including the Lightning Fryer gift, which kills you multiple times indirectly.

I really hope not temporarily.

Huh. If you’re goïng for realiſm, how about not having a Henpire of chickens that ſomehow fly in ſpace?

That’s how the firſt verſion was, and it was horrible.

If you want exploſions, try harder levels with chickenauts.

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I agree with almost everything here! Great topic! I also want to see parallax scrolling baxkgrounds, UI redesign, more chicken animations when moving in their positions…etc.

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I know about iA’s own engine. This is why I gave a link to the Unity Site - Maybe they would understand me better/find the math behind it if they don’t have a function like this…

And thank’s for explaining me those things dude!
You solved me some lifetime questions…

Uh… Can you please explain me more about this? I mean what projectiles are you talking about…

There’s not purple asteroids. They are comets.

Actually, I thought about this… I think that there are some levels of realism, which starts with

  • sticking to an idea (for example if you say that the chickens enter the screen from far away, you can’t then tell me that the long journey they had started 2 or 3 inches next to your screen… even though technically it’s true),
  • then leads on to more realistic staff (like the spaceship can never be smaller than those chickens, or can’t be smaller than the things that it fires, or that you have an unlimited supply… etc.)
  • and lastly more graphical and physical things… like that space is way darker than the beautiful universe we have… the chickens should have real feathers… etc.

Now yes, I know that we’re talking about a cartoonish game, but I don’t think that it would ruin the game to at least sitck to the idea you’re trying to sell us…
Or maybe I’m wrong.


Though personally I didn’t have any issues with mistaking coins for eggs in CI3.
Besides, take a look at which enemies/entities drop which coins.

In CI3 the checkered shirt chickens only drop gold coins, and are the only enemy that appears in regular waves alongside normal chickens. All other entities are either asteroids/comets, bosses or special enemies like Egg-Ships and UFOs.

In CI4 and 5 there’s only one entity that can drop small and medium coins and also appears in normal waves – the egg.

So I don’t really see the issue here tbh.


BTW I may have some mistakes and grammar errors and all sorts of stupid things… English is my second language…
So sorry about that :sweat_smile:

Don’t worry about it- I’m pretty ſure that moſt people around here know it as a ſecond language too. To be honeſt, though, I think the people who make by far the worſt poſts are native ſpeakers who can’t be bothered to punctuäte or proofread their poſts.

I’d like to see another review of the company or some else of IA, but this time on english. The only one i watched is on greek language and it was not very understandable, except few parts.