Weapon Customization Feature

It was long time ago since I upload an idea (especially for bosses), but now I am thinking about something different.

In Chicken Invaders 5, you can customize your spaceship with different colors and patterns in its various pieces (I know that some of them are unlockables with unique boosts), right?

So, I was thinking “If you can customize your ship, why don’t you customize weapons?” and this is when I realize it can be possibly done, so… here it is.

The Weapon Customization Feature could let you create your own design of weapons available on Chicken Invaders series (and no, when I say about creating a design, does not mean you could create an all-new weapon; change projectile’s speed, damage nor trajectory).

It means you could:

  • Change a color of projectiles from your selected weapon (the color of present box would still be the same);
  • Apply a pattern for a weapon’s projectiles (where it’s possible);
    -Modify a shape of the weapon’s projectiles (where it’s possible).

After all, this is just a “small” feature idea. I could be appreciated, if you guys help me make that thing possible in Chicken Invaders Universe


It would be neat. We will already be able to modify weapons in a way, with the bullet spray condenser/expander.

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  • Awesome idea!
  • Nah, that’s bad.

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I don’t know, basic color, shape and particle of weapons is what make them look unique so uhm, I can’t say it’s a good idea

Why did you feel the need to creäte a ſurvey that ſays exactly as much as the like button?

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And it would have been nice if it actually had options like “maybe” and “probably”.

…Or juſt hadn’t been creäted in the firſt place.

I don’t really understand why is that a problem, but ok…

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