The idea of Galaxy- and Ambient Events

Hello dear Community and of course Interaction Studios. Yesterday I came up with an idea and worked it out till today. The idea is about ambient events and galaxy events which are supposed to give this game a more interactive MMO experience. I know this game is still in it’s very early stages, but I thought better earlier than never.

First off, what are ambient events and what are galaxy events and what is the difference between both is. When I talk about an ambient event, it describes an event that occurs during a mission. That means as example a rare enemy appearance, a special environmental hazard, maybe some mini-games and something like this. Those are ambient events. Galaxy events in the sense of this game are happenings on the galaxy map, something like very special missions, traders, secrets or something like that.

Now that I assured your understanding of both, I want to start by saying that this idea will (probably) be continuously expanded with new concepts and ideas, equipment and things like these. Finally, let me start with the general ideas I have in mind.


Comet Cracker
“Your metal detector lights up as a comet flies by. It shows a rich amount of resources and a known type of metal. Yes, this is no doubt, this is a comet that contains the metal our keys are forged from. You start your engines and you start the chase in order to get some of that metal before others do.”

Comet Cracker is an event that can randomly appear every once in a while on the galaxy map and is marked as one moving comet. It can be visited like any other planet and all it needs as a requirement is a hyperdrive shield. The hyperdrive shield can be bought from anywhere with 200 Keys and allows the access to the comet.

On the comet you can find a single mission that cannot be repeated on this specific comet. That means that you can participate in more than one event, but only once every comet. What is that mission about? It’s a 2-Phase event and has a general duration of 1.40 minutes. It functions like a normal mission, phase 1 being the chase of that comet. You have to dodge debris of the comet and try not to get destroyed. Phase 2 is the general comet. This phase only lasts for 20 seconds and you have to shoot the comet with all you have. The damage you deal against the comet equals the amount of things you get in return. But be quick! The comet has 10.000.000 health in total and is shared. So you have to find, dock and start the mission quickly in order to get the most profit out of it.

This is one single mission, that means once you enter this mission, you are required to play with multiple players. So 10.000.000 health really isn’t a lot compared to how many people will be able to play it. So damage it fast and hard. For every 10.000 damage you deal, you will receive 1 Key and 10.000 score. For a mission of that duration it’s certainly not a bad payout.

Shady Merchant
“Hey kid, wanna take a look at my wares? Quality and cheap. Where I got it from? None of your business, either buy or get lost! My ware is limited.”

The shady merchant - Ware trader. Whether it’s legal or not can be discussed about but his wares are top-notch and for acceptable prices. A randomly appearing NPC that can appear at random locations, more commonly found in outer space, rarely in star systems as well. He offers wares of all kind and can offer anything that can be normally bought as well - At reduced prices! That’s right, the shady merchant is basically a black market. There can me multiple ones in a galaxy at the same time. But the chance that there will be 5 or more should be relatively low. It should stay at 3 - 4, each of them having a stay duration of 10 - 15 minutes before moving on.

When you find a shady merchant and you know you have some keys, pay him a visit - as his wares are limited! His assortment of wares is limited and random. He doesn’t offer everything, but a few selected items from the regular shop. Normally 6 - 8 items, among them are usually 4 normally discounted wares, 1 - 3 more discounted wares and 1 very cheap discount. Here are the statistics in a small sheet:


The quantity determines the amount of stock of a specific item. The discount should be self explanatory. The discount types determine the… well, discount types. As mentioned above, there will ALWAYS be 4 normal discount. There is guaranteed 1 better discount, but it can also be 2 or 3. There is also always a guaranteed heavy discount but with very limited stock.

His wares can reach from normal consumables up to top-notch equipment. So whenever you see him and you have some spare keys - Go ahead and grab some goods!

Pirate’s stash
“Yarr harr, what are ye doin’ at meh booty, matey? Okay, jokes aside, not all pirates have this voice. Touch my chest and feel my wrath.”

The pirate’s stash is a rare event that can appear randomly everywhere in the galaxy. As the name already implies, it’s about a pirate’s stash. More specifically, this is a 10 - 30 wave mission that requires you to fight against… pirate chickens! Well, they aren’t much different that normal chickens, but they have some cool hats and nice costumes, so what more do we need?

This mission is relatively hard, so it is recommended to have some decent equipment. In fact, a maxed out weapon and better ship equipment would be one great thing to have here as the chickens will have quite a bit of health. The difficulty can vary between 6 bars to - now hold yourself - 10 bars. Those orange bars I mean. So yeah, it can get pretty hard. But it’s worth it!

At the end you will fight a boss who is… a chest. a chick-mic… So, a mimic in chicken form. Or so? You get the point. It will drop a lot of eggs down on you, different types of eggs that is. It also has a lot of health, about 5 million or so. But destroying it will reward you with a bunch of loot. What kind of loot?

  • 100 - 500 keys, depending on duration and difficulty.
  • 1 x 10 consumable item. Missiles, shield or whatever.
  • 1 out of 3 special paint jobs which can only drop from this chest.
  • Poseidon’s Trident - a new weapon also only droppable from this.

The poseidon’s trident is basically just a lightly enhanced utensil poker with less projectiles and initially 1 pierce, which means that on max level this weapon will deal about the same damage as 1 utensil poker thingy, pierce 1 chicken, and there will be 4 of those. So the general DPS should be a little higher VS crowds.

You get the point.


“Now they are starting to assassinate us? Well, not with us, right? right…? Oh my god there is one on my back, shoot it, SHOOT IT!”

The assassi-chick is a rare appearing enemy that can only appear if you have at least 25.000 kills. That means you have to play for a long time and of course kill a lot. And only then they will have a chance of appearing during a game. They have no true spawning condition, except that they will spawn from underneath you, and they have a lot of health and are relatively quick. Which will become frustrating. However, their appearance will be announced with one little chuckling sound. Which should be sign enough.

One assassi-chick has 250.000 health, so killing it will be relatively though. However, it will drop up to 10 keys upon defeat and it also drops 3 powerup-ups? Yeah… They drop quite a bit.

That’s it for now. I will add more later, especially for ambient event ideas. I hope you like it, leave your feedback down below. :slight_smile:

Regards ~ PeriCore


Really interesting ideas! I like that you also thought about little details, they overall seem balanced to me. When InterAction studios finishes with the more important things they have to work on right now and especially when this game becomes more popular, they should implement some events!