NPC Quest, Event and Planet Atmospheric Exploration

-NPC Quests: So far I haven’t meet any NPC yet, but I’m expecting that along side with helping the player, they could sometimes ask the player to do their bidding(like going to some planet to gather their needs) for prizes(could be keys, could be rare items or could be something more special)
-Event: At some special occasions(like Christmas, anniversary, etc.) an Event will be held at a specific planet or random location on the Universe map(like a weird spaceship for example) and any player could take place, players who complete the Event Mission will surely earn some keys, at the end of the Event best players will receive some much better prizes. May be we should use these PvP mode and scoring that I suggested here: Player(s) vs. Player(s) idea
-Planet Atmospheric Exploration: The ability to travel deeper inside the planet(like what we did in CI5) to find somethings good for the quests and event that I mentioned above