A Multitude of Ideas

If you fine folks ever lift your feature freeze, or need ideas for your next installment, here are some thoughts to make a great game that much “cluckier”.


A sub screen that shows all of your discovered planets and a mark on each planet name to show whether or not you've beaten it and at which maximum difficulty. For all of us completionists out there.

Also a way to search and find a specific user by their handle.


"You’ve gotta come back with me!"
A power up that will reset your weapon type and weapon power to whatever you started your mission with (Only stock one per flight)

A power up that would allow you to skip the current wave. (Doesn’t work on bosses and you could only stock one per flight)

"If you strike me down…"
A power up that will heavily damage everything on the screen at the expense of blowing up your ship, including the subsequent loss of weapon power and a life as though you had collided with an obstacle.

"Smoke me a kipper"
A power up that would fire one ultra powerful blast in all directions at the expense of 10 weapon energy (obviously only usable if you had at least 10 weapon energy available).

"It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas"
A power up causing the next 10 enemies destroyed to drop random weapon boxes.

"Welcome to Hades"
A power up that makes enemy projectiles destroyable for 10 seconds.

Any weapon or satellite that also shoots downward!

New Thoughts

These next few may be difficult to do as they may require a new mechanic, but they are cool nonetheless.

"Ye cannae change the laws of physics"
A power up that randomly changes your current weapon to fire in the pattern of another weapon. Think tiny forks firing like a shotgun or the vulcan chaingun seeking like lightning.

"May the Schwartz be with you"
A power up that allows you invincibly to do contact damage for 5 seconds with a half second grace period to pull back to safety.

"That’s not a knife…"
Your weapon no longer fires. You have a blade fixed on the front of your ship which does contact damage. Length and strength upgradable. (Highly dangerous to use due to close proximity to enemies.)

"Wibbly Wobbly Tractor Beam"
A secondary weapon/shield that is attached to your ship by a tether and is moved by the inertia of your ship. In the form of your own tiny personal barrier, largely indestructible, made of Chic-amantium. Blocks projectiles if you can maneuver it into the way. Whacks enemies if you are very close.

Difficult Thoughts

Since difficulties are purchasable, allow equipping of two at once to allow ramping of difficulty for those with the chicken madness.

The Space Burger Problem

The exchange rate of food to keys at the Space Burger makes food largely unnecessary to pick up, but making it valued higher makes keys less special. Instead let's treat the Space Burger as a parts store.

Instead of collecting parts to create “Humanity’s Greatest Fan” as we did in “Cluck of the Dark Side”, we can exchange very large amounts of food for a part to an ultimate weapon/ship/difficulty/etc. Maybe one part per different Space Burger. After months of collecting food, exploring, and trading in for the pieces of the item, we finally unlock something special for players with no life…ehrrrm… I mean extreme dedication.

Maybe the ultimate weapon and/or ship turns out to comically be made of food. I for one would love to kill the enemy by firing parts of their fallen comrades back at them. We could call it the “Meat Grinder”, provided all the grinding that would be necessary to get enough food.

Final Boss Thoughts

If you guys have a new final boss in mind, perhaps the secret to unlocking it would be in first finding all (20?) wormholes. Thus making it possible to connect to one final Stargate wormhole (21) leading to the home of your final "Big Bad".

Pretty good ideas, but names of items must be changed. The only one that has good name is “nope” - short and describes the item well.

“that’s not a knife” weapon is for me the most interesting of all. It should be purchasable and it must have insanely crazy damage to make it worthy of using.

The space burger indeed has a problem but making another currency would make another problem. Right now we have only keys so it’s easier to balance and earn it. However food needs better exchange values.

There shouldn’t be such a thing as final boss. It’s not a CI6 and it doesn’t have any story. We can make it have story, but it must be on god level if we want players to find all wormholes in whole CI universe.

Obviously the names are likely a copyright problem anyway. Just bouncing ideas out there in the parody spirit of the game. Thanks for the input.

Now these both are kinda mediocre in terms of power, I wouldn’t find myself using these but someone would. The problem is, if you already have a skip, why do heavy damage to everything? (Also there is mass condenser but not exact). I understand if someone would want points, but it just puts themselves in danger more. Skip is good because it really doesn’t have a big effect, and is mostly to SKIP a hard wave, and not try to cheese through.

I wouldn’t really pay keys and mission energy, just to skip at most a bossfight or hard wave. Seems similar to previous.

I don’t have a problem with this other than people who buy these can get a LOT more points that people that don’t want to or don’t have the keys. Mostly affects leaderboards.

Having a satellite that appears rarely, only to have it be useful in very specific waves is not that great.

[quote=“Brakelight, post:1, topic:1830”]

“That’s not a knife…”
Your weapon no longer fires. You have a blade fixed on the front of your ship which does contact damage. Length and strength upgradable. (Highly dangerous to use due to close proximity to enemies.)

I don’t know how close combat works with Chicken Invaders. The fact a lot of enemies shoot without warning, and you have to stay at a safe distance to avoid those just asks for annoying random deaths because an egg decided to drop right on you when getting close.

Just a better version of phase out. Hmm. Can’t tell if too good?

Would probably be very hard to control, but intresting.

There are more difficulties coming, so I don’t see that needed.

Meat grinder… how dare you make puns!? jk, but I feel like it would make getting food even less satysfying, and most players would probably not get a lot out of it.

What qbus said, CIU doesn’t really fit with a final boss.

I’m sorry if my comments sounded negative, but I just wanted to state my opinion, and otherwise I like them!


There’s some crossover/similarity here, but I never assumed anyone would institute all of these at once. Just options, ideas, trying to spur some programmer’s imagination.


Hooray and thank you IA for adding the ability to see if you’ve beaten a mission. Fantastic!

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What kind of topic is this? Multitude?

Very large amount?! why ultimate weapon is supposed to replaced?!
I think Extreme dedication can be a…Acrobatic or something like that.
IDK what idea should be great or what?

What do you mean 20 wormhole unlock boss?! there is no final boss for that!

i say important for write, thanks @VerMishelb!
(why am i saying this important word if i bump this topic?)


Alright, so,
I have a new ideas for multitude while seeing.

This would change improvement.
It will give powerup for powerful weapons against enemies. Increasing some scatter.

Yep, it will be 15 seconds.

I called it… Swing Sword. You can not fire. But you cam move spacecraft and swinging this weapon will destroy the enemies.

Need superhero skills, but ONLY One for that.

It will give More keys, New rarity parts, and spacecraft.
Alright, that all for now. If you have any questions, ask me.

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You don’t need to answer the question before it was asked, especially if it’s written in FAQ which almost nobody reads.


  • There is :black_flag: button for the first word, be careful with what you write.

There is already a tool which can destroy even Henterprise’s suns launched from the main canon.

As for the rare equipment for food, did you ever seen something rare for food? I would believe if it gives some other currency instead/with regular keys or some timed card with a discount or special offers.

I want 5 SSH stackable test, let v10.1 be true ._ .

What about keyboard and mobile players?


Nope. There nothing for that.

They will press any keys and buttons to swing it.

Well, since the topic has been revived…

What about a backwards-facing satellite slot that you could mount any of the satellites on? Like a different coloured docking “ring” in-mission to indicate that it’s a reverse slot.
Would get around the issue of it being slightly underpowered. Could maybe even have sideways ones, although I feel that would make it too good.

It will appear at the back of the spacecraft.

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