Plan Update #02

I agree. But I think that every boss is easily avoidable and predictable. My idea would change boss behaviors and when enraged they would have randomized attacks and even get some new ones


I just talk for the final bosses in my reply

In my opinion normal chicken waves can be harder then bosses themselves.


Chicken Square Dancing would totally be great to see again.


Yep, its amazing level

I would like to see the waves “Pop till they drop!” and “Bonus Challenge” from ci3 again. I also would like some missions to be really hard.


It’s sad that the game has decreased the difficulty since the3rd game which was the hardest in my opinion.


I have an idea for a new game mode.
It’s called “upgrades”. In this mode,chicks are upgraded to regular chickens,regular chickens are upgraded to mini-military chickens(the chickens that shoot 2 eggs at once),and the mini-military chickens are upgraded to metal-suited chickens(the ones that shoot purple bullets at you). Any already-existing metal-suited chickens have their health increased,but only by 200. Barriers are also upgraded to the next level,while egg barriers would have their health increased by 300.
You would be able to access in the unlockables menu,once you buy it for 100 keys. Just like the scoring unlockables,it only affects new games,and it gives you a score bonus of +10%


Here’s another game mode:
Healthy mode. All enemies will now regain some of their health every second(regular chickens would,for example,regain 10 health). However,they can’t regain more health than what they originally had,and the max amount of health an enemy could regain is 50 health. It can be unlocked for 100 keys,and then it can be turned on whenever you want. It only takes effect in new games,and it gives you a 10% score bonus


Yet another game mode idea:
Calm down! Your weapon will now take 15 seconds to cool down after it overheats and when you fire a missile,you have to wait 5 seconds before you can fire another one. Also,whenever you use a satellite,you’ll also have to wait about 10 seconds before you can use it again. As with my other ideas,you’ll need 100 keys to unlock this,and it only takes effect in new games. It also gives you a score boost of +10%


What about enemies that build barriers? They could look like those supply drones from ci4 and they walk from left to right or from right to left regularily while placing barriers. When they go out of screen they change their direction, go up or down a little and wait for a few seconds. Destroying those barriers does award 1 point each.

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well one idea from my mind its to can play with hunters from all world of chickens (Local play)

That won’t be possible in the initial release, and won’t be for a long time.

idk I tryed to put a idea xP

I have an idea of a satellite:

A satellite such that it has atleast 2-5 ammo, when ammo is fired, will freeze the entire chicks/chickens for 3 minutes, and bosses for 1-2 minutes.

I hope you lighten up a bit and stop being so demanding and hateful.

He is only telling facts which are true. Final bosses in 4th and 5th games are super borring and predictable.


yes, and thanks for the suggestion Mr. space

I made this edition to better show your idea, I hope you like it (sorry for the ship and the creeper is my watermark)


Here’s yet another idea I thought of:
Direct assault mode. In this mode,a lot of the projectiles will be shot directly towards you(for example,eggs from regular and mini-military chickens,or the chickenauts’ bullets). Also,if a projectile was originally going towards you(like the eggs from UCO chickens),it will instead be able to home into you(though,it’ll disappear after a few seconds)