Level Editor System

I am thing about a level editor system.

Level Editor

There will be a level editor on the main menu before connecting to server. When you click it there will be a menu. There will be a playground but will be 3 bars on left, right and up. Also 3 small buttons at down. The right bar will be all entities without player ship. Left bar will be used for moving coping mirroring path selecting, repetitive rotation, rotating entities also for show dangerous and safe areas before start of wave.

  • Moving and Coping: will show as :point_up_2: and will be used for moving entities and coping entities.
    -Mirroring: will show as :left_right_arrow: and will use for mirror enties movements paths. You need to click entity than you will click arrowkeys for select which way you want to mirror.
  • Path selecting: Will be used upwards of :arrow_right_hook: emote. Will used for selecting entity how will come to area. Levelmaker will select Points and system will create a smooth path. Thats how chickens will come. The chickens will come from closes edge to firstly placed point. You can copy this my movement copy button
  • Repetitive Rotation: Will use :arrows_counterclockwise: for symbol. this is for selecting how to move chickens after they reached to last point. This option needs points set by Levelmaker and system will create a shapes by using this points. Not need to be smooth and levelmaker is able to create shapes like star by placing points like star.
  • Rotating: Will use one arrow type of this :arrows_clockwise: emoji. This is for rotating entities. Levelmaker will select an entity and there will be a circle arrow symbol. Levelmaker will move it in circle shape than entity will rotated. Levelmaker can copy this with move and copy.
  • Show danger and safe areas: will be used red and green circles for show in bar. As in path option, levelmaker will set points and system will make it circle if first or last point isnt near edge. If points near edge, system will show inside part of edges are safe or dangerous too.
  • Working together: this will be a button for use chickens work together, like making square dancing from CI3. When they selected to work together, levelmaker need to ctrl left click to select which entities will work together. Their paths will stay but their repetitive rotation will removed. Levelmaker will need to set it again. Also chickens wont start until all of them get in last point of their path.
  • Random moving: Its symbol will be 4 arrows going away from one point. Levelmaker will select a few points and enemies will move around them. Levelmaker can right click to active/disable random turning around grouply. Like in the dance waves in CI3. Could be used with group entities.
  • Wild chicken: Not sure about its symbol. But the levelmaker will select a point and chicken will out from the edge where point near. Than chickens will start to follow the player.

Up bar

There will be waves in squares and you will able to click the square which per wave. After wave squaresthere will be a square theres a :heavy_plus_sign: inside it and will use for create new waves . It will be like left bar from Ms PowerPoint.

3 Buttons At Down

Left one will be Try Map button and this will explain later. Middle one will be used for Save the Mission. And right one wont be usable, so will be gray, until this map has tested by Levelmaker.

How to Publish

Levelmaker will publish his map on workshop but before this there is a few rules I will write them at end. The system will be like this

  • Player selects a random map from workshop by name, new published, hot or best.
  • Plays it until end.
  • a vote screen comes and wants player upvote or downvote by clicking on symbols on left. At right there will be 3 buttons. “Back To Main Menu”, “Back To Workshop”, “Play Next Map”.

Adding to the game.

@ Weekly maps if they got %70~ upvotes.
@ IA checks map isnt for key grinding.
@ levelmaker must finish every wave without losing any life, 1 level moron gun, no satellites, with starting items. and without any missiles.
@ there must be minimum 12 chicken in total.
@ there must be more waves than 8.
@ levelmaker must have a lisence named as “missione perfecto” costs 1k keys for share his missions

Please tell me your ideas how can it be better. Thanks!

  • Cool
  • Good
  • Notr
  • Bad
  • Need improves (explain in replies please)
  • Wait… What!

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Having a level editor is great, but if would be loads of work for iA. Still think it’s cool :slight_smile: maybe they can add it in the far future.

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But it will save IA from lots of work like level creating, even it makes much easier for IA if they want to make. Also updated and added a few more thing…

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Yeah,that’s why us,players,will vote before IA add them,so they won’t have to add as many!

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We talked about this really much at discord…

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It is better to change boss attacks. Why? What is the point of returning them if they are not changed and stronger? Ok IA make a really good job on the chickens and the levels and everything other, but bosses needs to be buffed or some changes to be make.

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I am just making level editor uses bosses made from IA. So cant add anything…

I think that is a really good idea the level editor, but, as it said @cook1ee it will be a lot of work for @InterAction_studios.

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But its a early jobsaver for IA. They will need to make much more waves. But making only this system will let them automaticly adding new levels to game.

Instead of this one they could rework the bosses or some of them at least.

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Maybe a system players making new bosses :laughing:

You are right. I’m putting comments on a Windows XP, so I have to change of computer now.

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Both of them important, but this ismore important for me. As they can make more bosses and import them into this system, but in this time they can make this system and while they are working on bosses commuty can make more missions…


What :grin:. I didnt understand you…

Nothing, do not pay any attention to that. I just had to fill in space saying something that is true.

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Use like button or write 20 chrctrs for writing random sentences. That causes peoples understand wrong…

I like the idea, it seems very good and you spent a lot of time imaging This feature that will save (if implemented) to IA a lot of time in the long period (hard to code but possibile in a very future big update)

I am completly agree with you

Maybe allow the access to the editor only to the owners of the chicken hunter license? A Premium feature

P.S: a “wave editor” is an upcoming feature (you make a mission of all of your favorite waves and everyone can play it)

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This allows to make your own waves
Added lisence thing.

I only wanted to point that I like your idea but IA announced something very similar.
Maybe they will change their plan and will work on your… who knows?

I know the BIG difference between making a brand New wave and select your 120 favourite

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