Pirate Chicken Boss V.2

So idea is a pirate chicken boss. I dont have any drawing skills so I will try to just explain. I lnow its already suggested but wanted to implement it a bit.

General: There will be 3 big cannons on left, mid, right top. They wont move but you can explode them. They will be 30% of boss health(10,10,10) Also a pirate boss will bethat moves. Rams to your ship and has some special abilities(check continue of post.)


  • Cannons will looks grey and wont have that bottom part. Only metal part will exist of cannon and in back there will be the engineer chick from UCOs inside.
  • They will shoot big cannons balls every 3 second in rookie. Like left one shoots, after 1 second 2. one shoots and after 1 second more right cannon will shoot, finally 2 second wait for cooling cannons than start again. The shooting speed and cannon ball speed can change with hardness. Cannon balls will aim at you.
    *You can destroy cannon balls either cannons.
  • If you explose all cannons before killing boss, 2 big chicken will come from left to right. They will look a bit more like clumsy pirates. Will only lay eggs.

Pirate Chicken:

  • A normal chicken has a wooden leg at right foot and uses a black bandage at left one. Has a colorful parrot at right shoulder. Has straight lined uniform but has darnes on it. Has some damages on feathers.
  • Will have some couple attacks.
  • Parrot will lay egg every 2-3 second but they are big as a chickens. Parrot will hang on the pirates shoulder but it will start to fly when you kill the boss. It will fly around and drop egg every 1.5 second.(not necessary but cool idea.) parrot will have %5 of boss health.
  • Boss chichen will swing from top of mission are and throws knifes in a circular shape.
  • Will fly to a random place, aim at ship, throw a knife.
  • will use his gun and fire a 6 bullet gun. It will have a triangle danger area shows in red like lasers. But wont shoot fast as lasers so you have a dodge change for 0.5~ seconds.
  • Will send 3 chicken from left 3 chicken from right, these chickens will be terminator chicken. Outfit would be random, preferred to change with harness from chicks to egg armored chickens.

Will add more info if its necessary. Please check pools.

  • Boss is op
  • Its good
  • So weak
  • Needs more attack styles
  • So much attack style

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It’s hard for me to visualize the boss without any images. You can even make it in paint for all I care, just to show how it works exactly.

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I am on phone and its my exam week so sorry…

Which attacks are useless for you guys?

I think 1 sec for parrot eggs too fast, I would choose 2—1.3 from easy to hard difficulty.

Makes sense, editing.

1.5 is good. Parrot rages after you killed its pirate.

14 people liked this idea. Thanks everone. I am inviting @InterAction_studios for does he liked the idea or not.

New attack, ideas?

Outlook? Harness? Also I still dont know how tha boss works because i dont know how he looks.

I still have exams so I am looking someone draw it for me.

Wait what the?!

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Changed the pp lol.