My CIU forum topics revisit

Hello. Welcome to revisiting of my old topics. I originally planned to make it for the Early Access exit, but I already have planned something different and this one doesn’t need to wait.

This time I will revisit every topic that I created and review it to see if it contributed anything is it still relevant or if I would change anything in it. And I will say it again, it’s just topics. I am in no way in strength or even in a mood to review all 1800 of my posts. There were some good ideas and changes in some of them, but it’s just not worth to look back at that many of them. Also I don’t have access to lounge category now so I can’t see my topics there.

This will be a long post so be warned.

Symbol explanations

:white_check_mark: - This idea is more or less in the game now, no objections.
:yellow_square: - Something still needs to be done or I have some doubts.
:x: - This wasn’t added and I feel it still needs to be done.

  1. First impressions

:yellow_square: Menu is now ok, don’t know if anything changed, but fork cursor with a flying chicken would be welcome anyway.
:white_check_mark: There is some sort of a tutorial now, but I hope the first version out of EA will have a tutorial that teaches new players about possibly everything, but doesn’t overwhelm them.
:yellow_square: Weapon drops are tier dependent now, but the weapons were reworked and I don’t know if they were re-tiered then.

  1. Bunch of my ideas after longer play

:white_check_mark: Soundtrack is still great. No 7.1 though (and that’s fine), but we got mono mixing which is a welcome addition.
:yellow_square: Engine sounds could be added, but don’t know if it’s needed.
:white_check_mark: f.lux was working when I was using Windows thanks to borderless window mode.
:x: I think IA could make Chicken Invaders animated wallpapers collection for Wallpaper Engine. Would be a nice little profit. I doubt it would take long to make it.
:yellow_square: We actually got a boss rush so it makes my comment kinda meaningless, but sometimes it still feels like there’s too many bosses in a mission. And we don’t have any final bosses concept.
:white_check_mark: Select screen is fine now.

  1. Second bunch of my ideas

:white_check_mark: Planet effects were added and the ones that weren’t have their own topic with a lot more of them now which we’ll look at later.
:x: It gets cold in space boss clothes aren’t deadly yet and it would be cool if they did. Also was used to make one of my boss ideas.
:x: There’s no icon grid view for galaxy shop and now there are even more items so it would be perfect to add this.
:x: We don’t use fuel in a solar system, but we should. As for using fuel in the missions, I take it back. This would easily make CIU even more pay to win.

  1. Ideas from my old email conversation

:x: Do we have any credits now? Either way there should be possibility to scroll through them.
:x: We didn’t get a single new satellite since CI4. Lame. Not that I will ever use it, but at least 1 new satellite should get added.
:white_check_mark: Oh difficulty is alright. No objections there, I even sold my SSH skill.
:yellow_square: I guess kind of added. But the all medals medal wasn’t added into the game officially yet.
:yellow_square: There’s no endless mode, but I don’t know if it needs to get added.

  1. Chicken Invaders memes

:yellow_square: Woo, that was some wild journey, it survived the off-topic purge, but then it was closed due to my actions. (and now the V2 is even in worse state than original was before planned flagging action).

I do know now how to solve that problem I had, but we would need to close V2 and make V3 so I doubt it will pass.

  1. Planetary missions generator

:x: Nothing to add. Quoting IA it was close to something that they have thought about. This topic was later used by me as a base for many bosses and ideas which I hoped would make this idea come into the game quicker, but so far no result.

  1. Collection of ideas liked by InterAction Studios

:yellow_square: Even though IA said otherwise, I think it did contribute to them not giving likes to ideas as much as before. I also think it was a good topic and we should have something like that in the forum so we can categorize topics better. Main category is fine, but some tags what the idea is about would make it a better overview.

  1. Weird behaviour of links

:x: I guess we’ll see if it’s fixed with this topic that I’m making right now. It should be reported to Discourse though.

  1. Progress meter improvement and missed enemies counter HUD item

:x: Lost progress still isn’t shown.
:x: There’s no missed enemies HUD item yet.

  1. Control over spaceship rotations

:yellow_square: Looking at the game right now, being able to control rotation would absolutely destroy some waves which unfortunately includes some tournaments now. It would need it’s own mission type or just leave this idea for a CI6.

  1. [Question] Sounds and songs specifications

:yellow_square: I just got an answer about CIU. Would be nice to know others.

  1. Paintcode - share your spaceship look

:x: We don’t have any way of sharing our spaceship look yet and it would be fantastic addition.

  1. Steam Redesign Chicken Invaders art (+GOG 2.0)

:white_check_mark: We have vertical box arts in both GOG and Steam now. You would not believe how many games on Steam still don’t have that.

  1. Problem with Utensil Poker

:x: There are mods, but we could get the utensil poker recolor officialy now since utensil poker is no longer the strongest weapon which was the argument of some people to not change it so it has some weakness.

  1. I need to talk about Chicken Invaders

I will make another topic specially about follow up to this one, but quick look now at CIU part.

:x: Call me old fashioned, stubborn and whatever else you want, but in-app purchases are a negative and I don’t like it in any bit that CIU has them in such a form.
:yellow_square: We can wave the use of existing bosses now since we did get many new ones. We don’t have final bosses though and there’s an idea that could redeem the old episodes being special, but that’s later.
:yellow_square: I’m still personally against using old music, but I can let it pass overall. Especially if we get episodes in CIU.
:x: There’s still no main goal yet after nearly 4 years of Early Access. We absolutely need something like that before the release. Playing the game for playing can sometimes work, but people need some kind of goal to work for and thus continue playing. No, reaching tier 99 is not a good finish goal.
:x: Exploration still sucks. Rare items are a little better now, but you only need them to either explore the galaxy better or for tournaments. There are quests for exploring now, but it’s just a grind nothing satisfying.
:yellow_square: : I got used to medals so it’s not a problem. Though they could be presented better so it triggers the perfectionist in me and the need to get them all. Guess we’ll wait for CIU on Steam to get achievements.
:x: We don’t have any challenges that give rewards. And we should have them.
:white_check_mark: We have multiplayer now.
:white_check_mark: We have an updated engine now. Not any revolutionary changes, but it’s still something.

  1. Chicken Invaders Universe 64 bit

:yellow_square: It would be nice to get 64-bit version on PC, but whatever.

  1. Problem with keys

:yellow_square: We didn’t get key rewards, but a follow up to this topic got a kind of positive reply from IA. No results yet though.

  1. Mission complete screen

:x: Trophies still aren’t fused together and this perfectly triggers my perfectionism because I can’t get all medals in one mission. Somebody mentioned that IA wanted it to stay like that so players see there are other trophies, but I haven’t seen that reply and it’s a lame excuse anyway.

  1. Constructor boss (+ LORE attempt)

:x: Boss that was made as an exclusive to planetary missions. Not added yet.

  1. U.C.O laser (or rather lack of it)

:white_check_mark: Fixed.

  1. Little concern with sound(s)

:white_check_mark: Fixed.

  1. Colosseum station (+ little rant about mails)

:x: Colosseum station isn’t in the game and it doesn’t need to get added, but the functionality of it should be. Just let the heroes academy take it over like the anniversary challenge mission or something. Did anybody ever truly get stuck in some hard solar system with no missions to get the keys to fly out of it? Both no fuel and keys? Even then, there could be a special easy recovery mission that would let you earn a small number of keys to purchase fuel and get out of a solar system. Challenges that can be accessed through mail just allow players to never move from one spot which does contribute to exploration being bad.
:x: We did get mail categories and challenges being shown at the top, but there’s still too many mails sent to new players.

  1. Problem with "final" bosses

:yellow_square: As I said we don’t have any final bosses concept now, but I feel like explosions were tweaked. So a mixed result.

  1. Chicken Hunter License questions

:white_check_mark: Everything was answered or solved. CIU is free on Steam (personally mixed feelings for that) and CHL isn’t worth it right now.

  1. List of new things

:yellow_square: Topic that I made because I was curious how much content does CIU just recycle. Now CIU is genuinely better to play than episodes in some ways so this topic is useless.

  1. Petition to upgrade the sun graphics

:yellow_square: New sun surface wasn’t added, but we got some new sun colors. Could still be added though.

  1. Chicken Invaders 2 Unremastered edition

:white_check_mark: CI2 unremastered is on IA’s site. I didn’t get it yet though, because all episodes there are too expensive in my opinion and I already have all of them on Steam.

  1. Soundtrack from CI games on Steam

:yellow_square: We did get a positive reply from the OST creator, but so far no results and IA never mentioned anything like that.

  1. Progress meter improvement (yet again)

:x: Nothing from this topic was added as far as I know. Some additions would still be welcome.

  1. Map Markers

:x: There are no map markers, but we did get map coordinates. Which I didn’t get a medal for as I see now though probably because that wasn’t the main goal of this topic.

  1. Uncommon opinion about rarity of items

:x: Rare items now do much more and the popularity of the “share the legendaries” topic shows that this is still some problem. IA said that it would require substantial reworks to how rare items are being handled, but it could be done. In my opinion getting a legendary because somebody posted it on the topic is not satisfying and kind of falls into cheating.

  1. Chaos environment planet

:x: We don’t even have a normal planetary mission yet, but after it gets added I still see this idea as worthy.

  1. Renaming trust levels

:yellow_square: Trust levels are still the same, but it doesn’t need changing.

  1. Question about going off-topic ["Reply as a Linked Topic"]

It didn’t contribute to anything. Reply as linked topic function was tested, but nobody uses it.

  1. Binary numbers wave

:yellow_square: It got added, but in a different form than original. And I like original more.

  1. Mobile version and mouse support

:yellow_square: The mouse control on mobile wasn’t added and we’re yet to see if Apple follows up with their plans to ban x86_64 apps and just use mobile ARM versions everywhere.

  1. Mobile version and mouse support

:x: We don’t even have the chick-o-pedia yet. But I hope these statistics get added to it.

  1. Android Version outside Google Play Store

:white_check_mark: :yellow_square: :x: That’s a weird one since we currently do have it exactly like I wanted, but IA will get rid of it once iOS gets released and even after it will return to Google Play so you’d need Google Play to use it. So I hope the .apk version will be a possibility even if only for CHL players so the ads revenue isn’t lost.

  1. Yet Another Planetary Meeting

:white_check_mark: It was done and even later meetings had official mentions in the game.

Break time.

This is the point I made an official break from CIU and I also changed my OS so I didn’t play CIU until Steam Early Access release and made some suggestions in other topics then.

  1. Even more environmental effects

Generally the reception of this idea was kind of amazing. There were 0 votes for no. Also this idea would be fantastic connection to planetary missions.

:white_check_mark: Frozen environment was added into the game after few years of torturing IA.
:x: Messy trash environment not added yet
:x: Falling star environment not added yet
:x: Hurricane environment not added yet
:x: Toxic atmosphere environment not added yet
:x: High humidity environment not added yet
:x: Sandstorm environment not added yet
:x: Magnetic field environment not added yet

  1. Toxic Asteroids

:yellow_square: To be honest this was a quick shitpost idea, but I feel like it could get added.

  1. Favorite and most needed idea

:yellow_square: Well this topic certainly went side way. Thought it could be used to bring attention to some older ideas and convince IA to add them, but you can see how it ended.

  1. Reworking of CIU versioning

:yellow_square: Some people know why this topic was created. I wasn’t hoping IA would actually use it, but there is a hope we will get some normal versioning when we exit Early Access.

  1. Rant about unlockables and keys grinding

:yellow_square: I did get some answers from IA regarding why the key unlockables were added, but my later replies weren’t answered.

  1. CI1 Source Code Petition

:x: I don’t agree with IA on his reply. Being scared that source code of a free game released more than 20 years ago (and which was succeeded by 5 more parts all of which were much much better than the CI1) will be used to make something that will hurt IA profits in any way is laughable.

  1. Price discounts on IA Studios website

:yellow_square: There was a reply from IA which revealed the reasoning behind the discounts, but the site wasn’t changed. And I would suggest getting to do it when possible.

  1. Underwater Squid boss fight

:x: Part of the series of topics that I made to convince more people to add planetary missions. I later added that it could just spew ink instead of toxic liquid. And I feel like it would be better thematically with ink.

  1. Desert Ostrich Boss fight

:x: Another Planetary Exclusive Boss. Kinda forced since I didn’t have any good ideas, but I feel like it ended well.

  1. It gets Pharaohy in space

:x: Original plan for the desert planet boss, but it didn’t need a deadly planet surface so was moved to space. Could be used on desert planets though.

  1. "atmospheric reentry" for every planetary mission

:x: An attempt to make the worst planetary mission in CI5 better by converting it to an introduction to other planetary missions. I really would like to see it along the planetary missions once they get added.


:yellow_square: Kind of succeeded but IA still needed more convincing.


:x: Made to further convince IA to add offline mode and also make the episode remasters in CIU so it would be some worthy in-app purchase that isn’t pay to win in any form and more fun than CHL. There’s nothing like that in CIU yet.


:x: Good reception, even IA kind of agreed on medal key rewards, but currently on hold until we can be sure it won’t be used to exploit and the topic got closed before a reply.


:x: Newest addition to Planetary Exclusive Bosses. Had fun making it. Could be added into the game even right now for testing since it doesn’t use deadly surface terrain, but it needed water which can be just skipped for testing.

That’s all yolks.

Replies are welcome.


I’m not sure what I was smoking back then, but almost every CIU sfx or music is Vorbis Ogg of 44,1 kHz, 48 Kbps bitrate (lowest Q parameter). The only exception was thundercluck theme when it was added. For some reason it had higher quality.

Episodes follow the same pattern in general.

CI2 uses separate “patterns” for music to save space probably. So a complete background track is made of several files.

CI1 uses .wav files.

Besides, all of that can be checked even with a public version of IAMT, as it works for every CI game at the moment probably.

(Will edit if necessary)

This one is a bit confusing to me because I don’t think that those who would want to create a bootleg would be stopped by the lack of sources of the original game. There is already a ton of vertical shoot 'em up tutorials for any kind of programming language or game engine and a few open source projects with a similar concept behind the gameplay. Having the sources would just make it easier to port CI1 to literally anything, as it’s not that resource heavy, tamper with it for fun or fixing some flaws.


That’s disappointingly low. Wonder if it’s the original quality because higher couldn’t get into the game or some other reason or if there exists better one and could be released on music platforms.

they still have the same tiers that mostly follow the order in which they were added
if i recall correctly it was
0 - ion, neutron, laser, lightning
1 - vulcan
2 - boron
3 - plasma
4 - photon
5 - positron
6 - hypergun
7 - riddler
8 - corn
9 - absolver
10 - utensil

assuming its because OGG files dont compile well and take up a lot of space even on mobile versions
the CI3/CI4 soundtrack release had 320 kbps mp3 files so there definitely are higher quality versions

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I feel like I only agree with this tier because they are all classic weapons from CI2 (plus the lightning which was a first weapon from CI3).

But I definitely don’t agree with Utensil still being in the tier 10. Not that it’s a problem to get to this level, but seeing Plasma on T3 is just weird.

Maybe starting weapons from episodes should be in the first tier:
0 - Ion, Lightning, Boron, Hypergun

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