Not-so-New Gamemodes

Minesweeping (Minefield)

Looks like it’s the third time I talked about this, I wonder this would count as a spam or not.

This idea isn’t that original because many other shooting games has this type of level (I’m thinking of Platypus, level 2 stage 2 and 4), so why Chicken Invaders doesn’t? A level to test dodging skill and decisions to shoot or not will be a cool addition for the game. (If you’ve played Platypus, you know how hard is level 2 stage 2 and 4 in hard mode)


  • Side facing mission (right or left)
  • Space Mines! Mostly they’re passive and only explode if you hit it, but some of them are very reactive when something (you) comes nearby. When explodes, it breaks into 3-6 shards (which is still dangerous) depending on difficulty.
  • Most of waves are like asteroid wave but consisting mines, but there are some variants with terminator chicks (not chicken, ufo, or even chickenaut) and alien containers too.
  • The boss is Mine Layer, its design will be like CI3’s eggship but bigger and of course remodelled. When it comes to the last wave, the background will turn red, as you’re warping to chase this Mine Laying culprit. This thing moves up, down, right, left randomly but never goes too far behind. It has two attacks, spamming mines from its back, this type of mine is passive; and it’s also throw mines to your position with active mines that will explode anyway.

Gyroscope Malfunction

Yes, we already have this, but it is a wave. Now it’s time for it has its own mission! Exclusive to Wormholes, because even though you have Event Horizon Stabilizer, sometimes it just doesn’t work, causing gyroscope malfunction.


  • Gyroscope Malfunction for entire mission!
  • Incoming waves consisting gyroscope malfunction (wave), chicken terminator, look in all directions, surrounding waves like let the game begin, shape shifter, sweeping swoop, caught by surprise, (but not like pulsating grid, spiral of doom, chicken roulette and wormhole, I think it will be hell), and some other modified waves like all direction chicken interception.
  • As for the boss, I don’t have anything new but CI3 Mother Hen Ship, Mysterious Ship, Party Chicken, Sweater Chicken, and right here they’re free to stray all around the screen.

Ice Comet

We already have their textures in CI5, so why not we add them in CIU? (Also I hope there’s a wave like this in normal missions) Exclusive to frozen environments.


  • Waves like Supernova Debris, but less massive, un-zoomed out, and frozen!
  • There is also frozen chicks (texture already in CI5) and frozen chickens (new). While frozen chicks die after break, the chickens don’t! Just like when they’re hatched from eggs.
  • Meet again The Ice Golem! (I hope it has new attack pattern, but I won’t cover here)

Okay, that’s all I have today, I hope you like it so maybe IA could add it. Oh wait, I have some wish list of tweaks for some existing gamemodes.

Comet Chase

  • Add chickens in some waves! (Obviously when the comets are smaller) They somehow being brought up here.


  • Add wave with chickens (like CI4)

Meteor Storm

  • Add its one direction variant for some waves, but faster than the two directions. (Maybe also from backwards like in CI3)
  • Add less dense variants of meteor storms for some waves, but with terminator chicks. (not chicken, not chickenaut, because they’re still a child, they went afar, and went astray just to look for the legend, Magnetic Manipulator!)

Well yeah,I remember that those areas(or “stages”,as you call them) were somewhat hard,but they never had any mines. I believe you were thinking of area 1 and 3.

Oh my bad at memorize those things :sweat_smile: i just remember that I died many times to beat that level

My toughts:

Good idea. Let’s add some egg drones waves into!

It’s me or minefields doesn’t work like this?

Gyroscope malfunction:
I alwais tought that this was a “cool but we already have it” idea… I like it
could have chick vather as exclusive boss (or a brand new one)

Honorable mention:
Ice comets: not necessary

I hope ci5 planetary bosses return (but they will need a reworked pattern), this could be a boss exclusive on ice environments (and boss rushes)

I don’t like these “features”

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Supersnova debris are enough. They are not so easy to be cleaned most of the time.

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