New weird idea

  1. Name : corn
    In Game Description : It’s something that chicken eat, no?

  2. What it does : It’s literally corn, and once you place it in a wave, some chicken in a certain radius go towards the corn to eat it while you run to a place where they don’t harm you. After a certain time there will be no more corn (2 seconds) and the chicken will get back to their place.

  3. Price : 50 keys for 50 (5 will be placed in one container as this weapon isn’t very powerful)

  4. Advantages : you could place the corn in some places where you could get an advantage and kill the chicken faster. In addition, this weapon is fun in a way where you need to think fast and strategize where you will put the corn in order to not get killed. also, this weapon is cheap.

  5. Disadvantages: this weapon isn’t very effective in scrolling levels and highly dangerous in levels with many chicken (for obvious reasons…).

One last thing, do you think that my format of describing the name, description, price, use, advantages and disadvantages of my idea is a good idea?


Yes, although the uſe of bullet points would make it clearer.

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Oh, akay, thanks, I’ll do it now.

i like this idea, and this may get make the game easier

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I just thought of another feature of the corn. If you attack the chicken that ate the corn with the barbequer (the satellite that shoots a big flame), the corn that they ate will pop and turn into popcorn, which will cause the chicken to explode and you could collect that same popcorn, which will look and act like the popcorn from CI5.