how about we combine all 3 version of the ion blaster to create the SUPER ION BLASTER!!!

from 1-10 green color like in the original chicken invaders


from 10-19 yellow color like in the flash version

from 20 red like in the next wave an maybe the max level should have the same rage like in the next wave

and then should be cool that the gift color will change when we are on a specific powerup level something like that



The color-changing present would probably get confusing, and it would function exactly the same as a normal ion blaster. That said, I think there could be something in this idea: What if the weapon cycled between the three types each shot? It would still be very similar to the normal version, but it would be more colorful and potentially have slightly varying spread.

My reſponſe to this is much the ſame as my reſponſe to the Ion Blaſter MkII: why? The Ion Blaſter is a claſſic and ſhould be left alone.

I think instead of that. At lvl 30(if we going to add new maxed firepower) the ion projectiles will be a blue ion go along with a red ion in a pair. And they could have unique ability like stun chicken

my opinion my idea i think that all 3 version should be put together like I explain earlier!!

Or maybe just give us the original and flash versions in the form of unlockables that modify the Ion Blaster itself? Instead of them being separate weapons or a mixed weapon like the above suggestion.
I mean, they’re not really different enough from each other to be different weapons, and what is suggested here just feels like too much imo.
EDIT: or you could do what you did with the Boron Railgun and make it’s type depend on what ship the player is using (though I’m not too sure if that’s a good idea).