Madam Madámmes new prediction technology

Wave Predictor

Newest camera-time-travel technology to capture the state of the future. This allows you to see which Wave is coming up next, giving you the ability time to plan ahead better.
  • Perishable
  • :key: 75-125
  • Found in Madam Madámmes store (where you buy key and score insight)
  • Displays the title of the next Wave in the lower right

(see bottom right)

Powerup Predictor

Mythical Device that detects and simulates randomness to find out about future drops. Optimize your weapon picking and therefore increase you maximum firepower while you are seeing what gifts and powerups are dropping the next wave.
  • Perishable
  • :key: 225-300
  • Found in Madam Madámmes store (where you buy key and score insight)
  • displays the gifts and powerups that will drop next wave above the “next wave title” indicator

note: Both can be combined of course! Both Perishables come in packs of 1, or 2? (they are very powerful!)


There might be issues with the second one, depending on how drops work in Chicken Invaders games.


I dont know a lot about how the game works internally, but just for the fact that always max. 2 powerups drop I think that they are picked before the wave stars. Maybe some modifications could be made aswell [create the random values earlier].

I feel like they are quite expensive, especially for what they do. I know they last 24h, but getting to know the next wave or powerups isn’t a big advantage.

Yeah, I ſuſpect that either the gifts are randomized at drop time, which comes with an even chance acroſs the chickens in a wave, with a maximum of two, or the chickens with preſents are calculated at the beginning of each wave. Still, there are workarounds for each of theſe, like calculating the colour of gift two preſents away after each preſent is releaſed, and juſt ſtoring this value until it’s needed.


First idea already accepted in next update. Well done! :+1:. Currently it sells for 70 keys and lasts 24 hours, but if there’s popular demand it could be changed to mountable/perishable instead.

Second idea is impossible due to the way the game works right now. Each enemy type has its own distinct probabilities of dropping each type of powerup, so predicting the next powerup would require knowledge of the next killed enemy.


Maybe the second idea could be an “enemies list”-type item, where it shows you the amount of each enemy for the next wave, so you can know whether the wave is going to be hard and with a lot of minibosses.

Is this a world record?

Good ideas.

Really? Cool. If you feel like it/have time I’d love to know more about this!

Yeah. I would love to read CI devblog that explains how they make some things.

But you can make it show not the powerups that will drop, but, the powerups that could appear in the wave.

So, a liſt of all the different kinds of gift? Great idea!