[Concept] Weapon - Dimension Blaster


Yes, my artistic skills are yet again not good, I know. :smiley: But I had this concept and I wanted to execute it. Even though the fiery asteroids didn’t really look like asteroids, so I replaced them with plasma balls instead. Unless you want some very flat-looking stones that REALLY don’t fit into the design, lol.

(thanks to GgWw1175 for the bullet sprite!)

damage can, if needed, be reduced to a max of 400 to at least semi-match the DPS values of the utensil poker. But I thought the DPS would be good due to it’s rather many drawbacks.

Regards ~ PeriCore


The :zap:20 DPS seems kinda low, I think it’d be more fitting for :zap:8-10.
For comparison: the lowest :zap:20 DPS is Vulcan Chaingun’s at 6120, the highest is Utensil Poker’s at 18525 (with manual fire ofc). Also 600 damage per hit isn’t really all that much (Plasma Rifle does 1600).

Regarding the looks of your concepts, you could consider using some assets available from the wiki, if you reckon you could use them to better present your ideas. I took the red meteor and comet sprites from Revenge of the Yolk and this is what I came up with.


Yeah, I should look at the wiki more often rather than trying to remember things out of my head. You are right, I will raise the damage of the weapon and re-upload the image with better values.

And while I’m on it, I will be glad to use the sprite you’ve posted, if you don’t mind.

Regards ~ PeriCore