Particle Stabber Weapon

Hah! Did you reaaaally think ideas were dead?
Hah! Were you already tired of my paint masterpieces?
Hah! Yeah it’s more of it…
I don’t remember a melee weapon mentioned before… perhaps because it sucks? Well I tried to make one.
Here’s… the Particle Stabber! Please give me a better name! You can see most of the information on the picture below. Suprisingly it wasn’t based on a lightsaber, until I remembered those are a thing and thought “Huh. That’s a Star War.”. Anyway. Yes, the weapon does not go straight from the spaceship. I wanted it to look a bit better and be more unique, so I added the “handle” for the Stabber. It makes the Stabber start a bit higher.
As melee weapons are pretty bad, because of all the killy shooty stuff, I tried to remedy this slightly. It has high damage and pierce. Levels increase damage a bit but also length at every power level. The Stabber itself is bendable, like a jelly or gummy. However this not only makes this weapon more funny and intresting, it also works with the mechanic that, if at the right angle, the Stabber will deflect projectiles. Obviously to make this work and be balanced it will sadly probably need a lot of codework. Also perhaps it doesn’t need this feature, but it just depends how OP it is.

This isn’t edgy mooooooooom


gummy physics :grin:

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wait if it has gummy physics does it always move :thinking:

It just kinda follows after your movement, but it doesn’t move by itself.


Does this weapon will have any limit range? Is it going to be close-range weapon or it’s not going to have any range limit?

It’s a close range weapon, getting longer with more power.


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