UHF Recruit NPC

There are many recruits in the galaxy, and some are newer than other. This guy flies around a system looking for help, spinning around and whistling to get attention (LIke in the episodes). If he doesn’t find anyone for 10 minutes he jumps to a nearby system.

You can approach him, and he will then ask you for help. You can decline, and you won’t hear whistling anymore, or accept. When you accept, you will have to go to the planet he specified and finish a mission with him. If you log off he will look for other players (Those that declined won’t hear it again) or if you play on a diferent planet. He won’t follow you if you jump to a different system.

Wait this game has just star travel not warp jumps. You know what I mean.

The recruit will have the basic starter ship with blue details. He spins and whistles so he can be diffrinciated from players, other than looking for grey astericks for NPCs. It would be best though if he got his own custom ship design.

So how do you get the prize? How do you teach the recruit in the art of chicken genocide? Well.

He will follow you from the back, occasionaly shooting a moron railgun at chickens.
He doesn’t have player speed, and will slowly try to keep up with you, just like the first engine mechanics in the early access.
If a wave is cleared, the recruit will go out and try to collect power-ups. It will boost his weapon like the player, and maybe will slightly speed him up. He will also pick up presents, changing his weapon (Though that might be too much to code). Basically he steals your stuff.
On set waves that are deemed to hard or impossible to save the recruit, he will acivate a bubble shield, making him invincible. He will not collide with anything, so your back is not safe!

But all these mechanics lead up to that you need to finish the mission with the recruit. The recruit will have 3 lives, and you can’t change them. If he loses all three, you lose. He will be angry with you and you won’t be able to help him for 24 hours. (Though that might be a bit too penalizing).
If the mission is succesful, you will recieve some keys or items. Perhaps some kind of “Helping Hand” medal too?

It could be nice if the recruit occasionaly said some lines of dialogue. Just to make the hero distracted and perhaps be funny.

Note that you need a specific tier to help them. How can a new player, a new recruit, help another new recruit?


Definitely the best way to add helpers! (Probably is planned like this)

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While I meant it as a challange, yeah, it can definetly work as a helper system!

Challenging helpers :wink:


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