New boss: The Darkness

It’s a big chicken like one from ci3 but with blackish skin and dark armor
1.Dark eggs
These are black eggs that follow you for 5 seconds and than fall as normal
2.Sword of the nights
A sword swings in all an circular pattern for 7 seconds
3.Dark bubbles
20 bubbles go to the top of the screen and start falling in an zig zag pattern
Special abilities:
1.At the start 15 Dark guard chickens appear around the boss
They are twice as strong as normal chickens and shoot less powered dark eggs (follows the player for 1sec instead of 5)
2.Rise of the darkness
When boss reaches 80% the screen will be dark and hero the boss and attacks would only be seen (@anon27929001’s lights out mode)
Upon death 50000 point 10 coins and an present
an atomic powerup at 20% 50% and 80%
and an present at 30% and 60%
me hope you like it :+1:


The sword attack is too long, but other than that, it’s fine.


It may be better if duration time of homing attacks were reduced and chickens spawned not in the beginning but after you dealt %20 or %40 damage. But it’s just my idea. It’s still really good this way too :smiley: