Mission Overwiew Screen

Right now it’s not really that expansive. But I think that adding some completion marks would please some people, including me. Missions not yet completed would be dark. Depending on difficulty, they would have a different color (For example gold for SSH and red for any hardest upcoming difficulty), and if you got all medals overall on a mission, it would have a thick outline, or also perhaps a shine. And to make collecting all medals not be to try and try it again and again until you get it, there should be a smalll UI when launching the mission with all medals collected and required. But I think what would be even better, is adding bookmarks! You could add them to galaxy missions and your favoruites! They would be simple images or even short texts. For example a mission gave you trouble, or you have a mission you have to test your equipment, you could bookmark it as an egg! Or when you go back to a star system you will know what missions are best to play because you bookmarked them with different symbols! I have a quickly made picture here to give an idea of what I’m talking about. Chicken%20completion
(Sorry for the wall of text :S)