RECRUIT 35 LOG #10 (In-Game Travel Aesthetics)

Another thing I’m hoping to see happen is planetary travel during various missions. That kind of aesthetic we see while flying could be an incredible work of art. Maybe we can afford different backgrounds in the shop for particular planets, including the ones we’ve seen in Episode 5. But they wouldn’t follow a set path.
The snowy stormy backdrop, crystal caves, underwater travel…

I’d also try aesthetics like such…

  • The sky (A floor of clouds that occasionally gives way to green ground or an ocean, with this streak effect)

  • Volcano/lava-themed surface

  • Night sky (City buildings below have their lights on)

  • Barren, sandy planet surface

  • Orbiting the planet, not quite within the atmosphere

  • Battling while TRAVELING AT WARP SPEED!

  • Maybe add different warp speed aesthetics (The ability to change the color of warp speed background or something)

  • Standard space background, but you’re passing random planets, asteroids, spaceships, and shooting stars. Perhapsthis streak effect can come into play during regular space travel, too, except during bosses where you’ve stopped flying forward.

  • Forest surface

  • Rocky temple surface, like Korriban from Knights of the Old Republic

  • Planetary city surface (Or egg-city, traveling deep within enemy territory)

  • Traveling on the surface of water like a boat, blowing up battleships

  • Rainy sky with lightning strikes

  • Snowy sky

  • Look at ALL the cutscenes following this timestamp and tell me that Malachor 5 wouldn’t be the best inspiration for a dying, on-the-verge-of-collapsing planet to do a boss rush on. (Also, long live the Ebon Hawk. Best Star Wars freighter, by far.)