Introducing: The wizard of Henpire

Sooo, I was bored and I created this boss for CIU. As you can see from the screenshots it’s a wizard chicken with 4 unique attacks. The first one is, that it basically instead of eggs, it shoots purple projectiles from the past games. Second attack is a laser beam which chases you for 6 seconds until it stops. The wizard’s third attack is that it spawns 5 purple terminator chickens which chase you (from CI3), and it’s final attack is 3 flying purple orbitals which can be destroyed with decent power level, they act like shield for the boss as they circle him and protect form player projectiles. They are the most dangerous attack because they shoot purple orbs which are always directed to player and fly at decent speed, so you must watch out for them. And that’s it, hopefully you like it! :smiley:


Wow i am quite impressed.


Actually, how did you made these photos? I want the link

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pictures are from google ofc, I just edit them in photoshop cc

There’s actually a sprite list from the Chicken Invaders Wiki, you can find it there.

Looks really cool I hope they use it as a boss in game

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Dude you are amazing! This is awesome!

Thanks for rewiving(!). Its a great topic and I am sure IA already saw this.