A list of powerup ideas

The only powerups we have are gifts, atomic powerups and the weapons that have limited ammo that you get from safes.
I personally think that that’s a small number of powerups and furthermore, in a game with 10000 planets and many, many, MANY missions, a small amount of powerups could make the game a bit repetitive.
(I didn’t mention that there are 13 subtypes of weapons that you can also consider powerups. Thank you EmeraldPlay for correcting me.)
For the reasons above I made a list of ideas that I had for more powerups:

  1. A powerup that looks like a bunch of ice cubes that prevents your ship from overheating. It lasts for 10-15 seconds.
  2. A powerup that looks like a small robot/mini ship.
    It goes to a random chicken and follows it. It shoots every second one laser that does 1/8 of your damage to the chicken until it dies, and then goes to another random chicken and so on. It dies when it gets hit by 15-20 eggs.
  3. A powerup that gives you the max power of your weapon for 5-10 seconds.
  4. A powerup that makes your weapon projectiles follow the nearest chicken. It lasts for 5-10 seconds.(affects weapons with more than 1 projectile)
  5. A powerup that looks like a magnet. It magnetizes all food, coins, and keys towards your ship. It lasts for 10-20 seconds (I really don’t know for how much time is should last).

I think that we should add 2-3 more powerups so the game could be less repetitive as said above.
Write down in the comments what was your favorite idea, and if you have ideas of your own than write them down too :slight_smile:


The gifts have (at the moment) 13 subtypes, so there are much more powerups available. We still could use some new ones though. The 4th powerup idea you suggested seems a little overpowered with it lasting so long.


Sorry, my bad, I didn’t think about what you said. I’ll try to correct myself.
I would just like to say that 2 of my ideas “modify” the subtypes like the atomic powerup but for a limited time.
I agree now that my 4th idea was a little overpowered. maybe 5-10 seconds?

I like the idea, but I think alſo that to cut down on repetitiveneſs(?) repetitivity (?) the miſſions ſhould range from eaſy to hard, by which I mean that noöne ſhould expect to ſurvive on their firſt few attempts. I know it ſeems obvious, but I did think the necessity of variety wanted pointing out.