Idea: Pursuit

In this idea Pursuit is a singleplayer and multiplayers game mode. The pursuit gameplay mechanics slightly vary between each title.
Pursuits can be triggered in free roam mode. In and outside of pursuits, players are able to hear police chatter.
Engaging Pursuit:
Players are warned about the nearest police vehicles in their surroundings by a police scanner or their radar map. The scanner will beep quicker, the closer the player is located to a police ship. Patrolling units are shown as red arrows on the the minimap.
Police units will engage in a pursuit upon seeing the player commiting an offence or upon following an emergency call after commiting one of these offences:

  • Speeding
  • Collisions with police or traffic ships
  • Shooting or destroying police or traffic ships

A pursuit is announced with the camera zooming towards a police ships that has witnessed the player perform one of these actions. Following that, the player will receive pursuit HUD information.
During Pursuits

Police forces will attempt to bust the player by using tactics and such as PIT maneuver ships, Shock Ram, EMP with increasing aggression as higher heat levels are reached. Police ships will call in backup as their engaged numbers diminish. Don’t worry, in pursuit players won’t get killed (players ship become invincible) but you could get stun or reduce speed if you ram the police or being hit by police EMP.

Players can increase the total cost of state from the pursuit by damaging police vehicles, destroying ships, increasing pursuit length and committing infractions. Players also earn bounty for certain actions.

Players enter Cooldown mode if they evade the sight of all engaged police vehicles for a certain length of time. This is indicated by the pursuit bar filling completely blue.

Cooldown mode
Players must leave police visibility by evading all engaged police units to enter Cooldown mode. Once the player enters Cooldown mode, a secondary Cooldown bar appears that indicates the player’s remaining pursuit time before they can escape. The pursuit is resumed if the player comes into sight of any police ships. Players can drive to Hiding Spots such as asteroids or Gas Stations to decrease the Cooldown bar’s remaining time faster. Hiding Spots are shown as snowflakes on the minimap during Cooldown mode and cannot be spotted by the police if the player is in occupation of such as garage can be used to end a pursuit immediately.

End of Pursuits


Players that have successfully escaped from the police are able to continue driving in free roam mode freely, although they will receive the heat level of their last pursuit for their vehicle. Through customisation, it is possible to reduce a ship’s heat level.


The player is arrested if they fail to escape from the police, which is indicated by the pursuit bar filling red on the left side. Arrested players receive a warning ticket and a fine. The fine amount depends on the pursuit’s heat level and the infractions committed.

Heat Level

The Heat Level of a ship highlights its wanted status by the police and is determined by the most recent successful pursuit. Higher heat levels bring in more durable police ships, more aggressive tactics, a higher number of engaged units and shorter backup arrival times.

The heat level of a car will be constantly reduced if you not playing the game for a long time or joining events. Alternatively, players can modify their ships’s appearance to reduce their heat level. If the player becomes busted, their heat level will be reset to 1.

There are 8 heat level:
Level 1-2:
-Slow ship(M247-PI Atomic: Cop edition), low heath (1000 hp)
-Attempt to ram players to stop
-Backup: 5 ships
Level 3-4:
-Fast ships(M404-PI Deliverer: Cop edition), medium heath (10000 hp)
-Attempt to ram players to stop
-Using Shock Ram to stun players and reduce players speed
-Backup: 10 ships
Level 5-6:
-Fast ships(M195-PI Tiger: Cop edition), Strong heath (15000 hp)
-Attempt to ram players to stop
-Using Shock Ram to stun players and reduce players speed
-Using EMP to stun players
-Backup: 20 ships
Level 7:
-Supercharged Ships(M575-PI Viking: Cop edition) (25000 hp), Very fast, Powerful heath
-Attempt to ram players to stop
-Using Shock Ram to stun players and reduce players speed
-Using EMP to stun players
-Backup: 35 ships
Heat 8:
-Extremely powerful ship(M750-PI Sirius: Cop edition), Extremely very fast ship, Superpowerful heath (50000 hp)
-Attempt to ram players to stop
-Using Shock Ram to stun players and reduce players speed
-Using EMP to stun players
-Backup: 50 ships


It would be nice to see them return.


Pursuit - Cornered 2004