New boss: The CK-02 Defiler

Heath: 10000000
Shield heath: 1000000
The CK-02 is the strongest boss in Chicken Invaders. Unlike CK-01 Henterprise, this boss is bigger than henterprise, bigger than Jupiter (x2 Jupiter) and extremely strong attack and defense. To destroy it, it required 30 players to join the battle.
It’s a large battleship made out of metal, and it’s also the biggest boss to date, though it’s only 2 times as big as Jupiter. It look similar The Defiler (from Star Conflict), measuring ~140.000 kilometers in diameter, and of the 10 engine from it’s back, with huge metallic chicken wings protruding from the left and the right of the ship(1 wing on the left, 1 wing on the right). A yolk is placed front of the middle, as it’s likely its power source and also it’s weakness.
Phase 1:
Black Hole:
The CK-02 Defiler creates 2 black holes sucking every players inside the black hole(not killing the player) for 10 seconds
The CK-02 Defiler actives jammers for 10 seconds, jamming all players weapons, unable to fire.
Sun Fireball:
The CK-02 Defiler fires 10 Sun Fireballs at players
Chicken call:
The CK-02 Defiler summons 20 chickens guarding the Defiler
Phase 2:
The CK-02 Defiler opens it’s shield for 10 minutes, the shield about 1000000 heath. So you have to wait or shot it down
The CK-02 Defiler lock EMP at random player and stun the player for 5 seconds ,to avoid it, move very fast that EMP are very slow to try lock you(about 15 second to hit you)
Matter inverter:
The CK-02 Defiler spawning matter inverters and launching tracking projectiles at players (those projectiles have similar characteristics as homing misiles), try to destroy the matter inverters before it fire at you( about 15 seconds to fire. The matter inverters about 50000 heath.
Direct Neutrons:
The CK-02 Defiler shoots between 5 and 7 neutrons directly at random player every 5 seconds.
Metal-suit Chicken call Mk I:
The CK-02 Defiler summons 20 Metal-suit Chickens guarding the Defiler.
Phase 3:
The CK-02 Defiler creates a shockwave, pushing everything (including the chicken) outside the ship every 1 minutes. DO NOT get too close the Defiler (that suicide, cause the shockwave can kill you)
Metal-suit Chicken call Mk II:
The Ck-02 Defiler summons 50 Metal-suit Chickens guarding the Defiler.
Egg Launch:
The CK-02 fires eggs from the mini laser cannons 6-12 times.
Phase 4:
Plasma laser:
The CK-02 fires a single large plasma laser from the middle.
Egg torpedo:
The Ck-02 fires 3 egg torpedoes directly at random players (you can destroy the egg torpedoes by shot it down)
Red lasers:
The CK-02 Defiler fires 12 red lasers from the mini laser cannons, either straight down or in different directions
Large Chicken call:
The CK-02 Defiler summons 3 large Chickens guarding the Defiler
Phase 5:
Lasers Beam:
The CK-02 Defiler’s final attack. It’s fires 2 lasers beam, the side of the lasers beam is safe.
The CK-02 Defiler,after killed.It’s will self-destruct for 10 seconds, then explode.DO NOT get too close the Defiler(the explosion can kill you) so get far away as possible.
The CK-02 Defiler Commander Chick:
After the Defiler destroyed.The Commander of the ship will get out the ship and attack players.
Heath: 50000
it’s of the “military” breed of Chicken, but it wears commander suit. Its wears shoes and commander hat.It’s is armed with six grenades and four knifes around it’s belt. It will constantly look around the level.It’s size look the same as the Super-Chick
Super Powered Waste:
The Commander Chick shoots 12 blue super-powered waste in different directions. A blue AoE effect appears before the attack starts to warn players about it.
Egg shot:
The Commander Chicken shooting 15 eggs at once at different speeds and in different directions.
Grenade Throw:
The Commander Chicken throws six grenades. Those grenades will fall down and explode. A blue AoE effect appears before this happens.
Knife Throw:
The Commander Chicken shoots four knives at random players. It will grunt before it uses this attack.
Spread Neutron:
The Commander Chicken releases three blue neutrons at angles 45°, 90°, and 135°.
The Commander Chicken will use a blue laser forcefield for five seconds.
Penta Lasers
The Commander Chicken fires five orange lasers, spaced equally from each other, and rotates them counterclockwise. Dotted lines will appear in place of the lasers before they are fired.
-Hen Solo will assist players
-Unlike other bosses, this boss has a weakness.The middle is it’s weakness,shooting it will reduce boss heath faster
-Unlike other bosses encounter. Players will have 10 lifes, 150 firepowers and 15 missles due to boss strong heath.
-Killing this boss will earn a lot of reward
-This boss required 30 players due to boss strong heath, attack and defence.


Not bad. Actually is a very good one, you hype me after all this bad days to present a new boss idea soon. But i think that this thing is little overdone.

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Ok why?Too much weapon?

I just think that things are too much, wait for the opinion of others too.

Yeah.I guess so but these weapons is so awesome that I don’t want to reduce, beside…I want players a bit more difficult to destroy the boss(not so hard)

Of course maybe im wrong. Whatever.

Don’t feel so bad.I just want the game more difficulty

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That’s fine,aside from the player requirement. You’d have to get pretty lucky if you want to fight this boss. Besides,the multiplayer from previous episodes won’t exist in ciu. At least,not in the first few versions.
And Nikito,I’d assume you want to say that the idea is very complicated? I kind of agree with that,but it’s more of an issue to the devs(since it would take them longer to create it) than it is to us.

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Yes, that was what I meant. Its not easy to put boss like this in the game. Everything is up to their possibilities anyway.

Well it depend on the artist if they like to draw I guess let them make a decision

That’s…not what I meant. I was talking about the actual coding of this thing.

I find the shield attack to be dumb, considering how long it can stay up. What if this boss were to spam it?

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Well the boss only use shield 1 time only.Trust me,it’s will not create shield again.But at least it must has shield for defense

very good and creative idea, hope it actually come to the game

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@BinhTurtle Well thank you.I hope they will

Its posible if they like your post, so you your effort has been worth it.