Idea for new chicken varient

This is a concept for a normal enemy which I’ll call x 'cuz I don’t have a name for it.

  • The artwork for x ſhould be baſed off of that of a normal chicken, with ſome identifying feature (I’m not ſure what, ſo if anyone has any ideas…).
  • X ſhould be at leaſt as ſtrong as the ones in CI5 that ſhoot purple ſquigglies (ſorry, i don’t know what they’re really called).
  • X ſhould not have any attack normally.
  • When one x is hit, it flies at a fairly faſt pace to wherever the hero was when the ſhot hit the x, ſtays there for about one ſecond, and flies at half the ſpeed back to its original location (or wherever it’d be had it not flown at all).
  • When one x is hit, all the xs on the ſcreen drop three eggs one after another in quick ſucceſſion, the firſt beïng releaſed at the moment of the hit.
  • When one x is killed, all the other xs on the ſcreen drop five eggs inſtead of the uſual three, the 2nd and 4th aimed at the player.

While killing on x ſhouldn’t be that hard, if there are too many on the ſcreen it’s impoſſible (not counting miſſiles, unlimited lives, &c.). Thus, when ſprinkled ſparingly in levels, they can render an otherwiſe eaſy level ſomewhat more difficult and make for a more intereſting game.
An intereſting point about theſe is that when they are uſed in a level with other chickens (as they are intended to be), the level will favor the uſe of preciſion weaponry becauſe it’s leſs likely to hit the xs unneceſſarily.


I could suggest you the name, uhm what do you think about “Commando Chicken”?

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About their artwork, I think we could use Sri Lanka commandos as reference?

Somehow it doeſn’t feel right to uſe an actuäl military group as a model. I gueſs it feels too much like mockery.

I don’t know. Your description sounds really like commando troops type, and out of them I think Sri Lanka commandos uniform suit the most. We can use that hat type and normal army uniform I guess