Super massive black hole! Level suggestion

We never saw Hero traveling inside black holes… so I introduce you a level where you get to play inside a massive black hole! As you can see from the screenshots I made, you will encounter typical chicken waves but a little bit faster and spinny. You will also sometimes turn in random direction because of traveling speed so you wont be able to always shoot in one direction for all waves. There are energy lightning bolts which can appear out of nowhere and insta-kill you if you run into one. They are always popping up so you must be careful and move quickly away if there is one about to hit you. They appear in all waves through level to add extra challenge to avoid aside from other enemies. At the end you reach the core and for the boss I made tripple infinity which suprisingly has simular behavoir like twice infinity from ci4. Tripple infinity has some extra attacks like randomly shooting out eggs towards the player… I hope you like the idea noone has ever suggested before! :slight_smile:


That’s a really good idea! Btw, did that guy in the picture got that many keys in that level, or is that all his keys altogether?


Keys and coins which are showed are alltogether you collect through missions


Thanks for the telling me :3

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Level: Siggitarius A travell
Location: in the center of the galaxy


I actually thought it’d be like a temporary level which appears at any place in the galaxy in form of a massive black hole. And after you finish the level you are taken somewhere random in galaxy. Or maybe to a secret place you can only access through black holes.


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