New Wave: Chicken Solar System

This level is inspired from a wave from CI1 (and even CI4), instead chickens circle (revolve) around a mini sun.

Level Features:

  • Chickens around that mini sun may range from ordinary chickens to chickenauts.
  • Some chickens (prebably the chickenauts) may have their own satellites circling around them like chicks and small eggs.
  • Level is zoomed out to the size of the Henterprise battle to allow space for clearing the entire wave.
  • Level orientation is horizontal, in which mini suns approach from right to left.
  • Apporach rate of the mini suns might be slow or very slow to allow space for clearing the entire wave.
  • When a mini sun is destroyed (by the Barbequer) or a larger chiken still having their satellite is killed, chickens rotating them will now go in a straight line from their last angle of rotation, until they go off the screen.

The level outline could be like this and will be much more spacious:

Although its weird that there’s a mini star system inside a larger star system. What do you think?


Nice picture :slightly_smiling_face: This level is challenging, just like you i love to show my ideas on pictures like this

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I agree! :heartpulse: