On the subject of spaceship customisation

Since some people are complaining that changing the colors of your ship costs keys, I’d like to point out a few more things I’d like to change and propose a potential solution.

Before we start, however, I have one more request: Please make the Mine Bombs match the color of the inner and outer engine.

Honestly, this is something I was hoping would be implemented in Cluck of the Dark Side and I was kinda disappointed that it wasn’t a thing.

First, I’ll show you a few pictures of the M404-PI Deliverer. None of the paintjobs seen on these pictures are currently possible to create in the game, for one or more reasons.
M404%20blue M404%20red M404%20black

So there are a few more options that I’d like to see in the game.

  1. A strength (basically transparency/alpha) setting for the inner and outer engine (This was used on the outer engine of the red and black M404s).
  2. A color setting for the specular reflection (this was used in all 3 pictures). Does it make sense? Maybe not, but at least it looks cool (and yes, that last one is pure black).

Some more stuff - I think we need more dark colors. And just more engine/wingstreak colors in general.

About buying colors with keys

To this and my aforementioned issues with the current customisation system, I’d like to propose the following solution:

  • The current paint options are made free, other settings the likes of paint density and textures are kept as paid.
  • A full RGB (or at least an almost-full RGB) color picker is added to the paintjob customisation. Colors created with the color picker will require keys to be applied. The picker could also have to be bought in the shop first before it is usable.

This is the ship I use in Cluck of the Dark Side (well, a recreation of it anyway). I edited the colors using Cheat Engine because I was bored with the avaliable color options at that point (and I was also annoyed by the lack of greys for the inner and outer engine).

Well, that’s my 2 cents on the matter.