New Satellite: Decoy


Note: Updated as of May 18


  • When this satellite is used, bullets and enemies normally aimed onto the player will be directed to the decoy.
  • The decoy had no hitbox, therefore enemies could stick to it like they were baited and bullets will just pass through.
  • The decoy, when launched stays at a fixed position for a short period of time, probably 15 seconds. There will be a short delay before the decoy would activate.
  • This can only be launched one at a time. If the player is already equipped with more than one of the same satellite, the one equipped the earliest will be launched.
  • In case there were more than one decoy launched and activated on the screen, it will work just like it is on multiplayer mode (alternating targets). Second alternative: Only one will be activated at a time until it timed out and the next one launched will be activated later.
  • The cost could depend on how frequent players will actually use this. Although I’d propose it at around 1,100 keys the most.

Here’s my sketch though (don’t mind the apple core):

More detailed look of the satellite:

Hope it will be added.


I like this idea tbh. Although I’d be more for a fixed health more than a time period of it staying on-screen mainly due to the difficulty differences between waves


My objection for a health bar is that it will actually need a hitbox. That way, the satellite could also function as a small shield.

On much lower difficulties, this could stay for a long time, even covering up an entire short-lenght mission when launched properly.


This could alſo work well as a ſpecial weapon.


If it is a one time payment, although high and not long duration… is it too OP? It’s basically free invulnerability on aimed attacks on activation.
Perhaps I’m just mad that people don’t want to play the game in the hardest possible way.


It could provide protection to the player, but not at all situations, especially there’s also enemies that shoots bullets randomly.

If this could be proven OP, its duration will be reduced.

This could work as a special weapon, although there’s already more useful ones available.

For now, I adjusted the proposed price.

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