The Matryoshka Egg

Would you look at that it’s yet another boss idea. Anyway, this boss is a bit similar to the mother-hen ship, as well as the chicken boss throwing out feathers idea, but I tried to make it unique. Onto the features! Also, yes I made those in paint, but looking back at it I think I would have saved more time just copying the pngs rather than drawing them myself. But what can you do.

It’s it! The egg! It’s… just an egg. Nothing special.

It shoots yellow smokey bullets. Some patterns aim at the player, others don’t. I can’t come up with 8 attack ideas. Why 8? That’s the amount of layers it has. Each taken of at 10% marks. But that means this boss has pretty high hp.

When you hit the poor, “defensless” egg, it will leak eggs. Watch out for your head!

Upon destroying a layer, a LOT of eggs will drop down, and some chickens will be freed.

The egg has a special egg attack. The eggs summoned by the egg, will drop eggs. Is it confusing you yet? Good.

The last phase will be the angery yolk bouncing around like the DVD logo around the screen at a rapid pace. Egg eggs will drop down too during this.

All suggestions and criticism welcome. Egg.


i aM eGg

The yolk ſhould ſhoot orange ſtuff at higher difficulties.

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Egg multiplicity


(The idea is cool btw)


I knew that there was something that didn’t feel good about that idea. So behold my suggestion:

Here nothing changed. You still have one egg that can shoot at you.

Once you crack the egg you get yolk (nothing new), falling eggshells that can kill you, another egg and no chickens.

Repeat this process few times and you win.


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