Plan Update #03

Greetings, recruits!

A small update this time.


Wow, we saw a lot of good ideas flying around the forum in the past week! Some of them will definitely make it into the game. We can’t respond individually, but if you see we “liked” your post, then it means it’s in our list (this doesn’t mean it’s definitely going to make it into the game, just that it’s been noted and we’ll revisit it and evaluate it again when it comes time to add the relevant content into the game).

Speaking of content, you should also know that content is not our priority at this stage. Our focus is on designing the engine, the cloud architecture and the core game mechanics, and these are giving us enough trouble as it is. In fact, the first early access iterations will barely have CI5 content (plus some new additions in cases where it’s necessary to test out new mechanics). Then, we’ll add CI4 and CI3 content. That’s where your ideas will also come into play. You’re welcome to keep sending your ideas now, of course, but bear in mind that we probably won’t get to them until the new year.


We’ve noticed some enterprising recruits have gone ahead and created their own vision of the game, even going as far as creating high-quality mockups and videos using official assets. We’re flattered!

Nevertheless, when making your creations public, remember to clearly mark them as fan-made, unofficial concepts. We’re sure you undertand that there’ll be a whole lot of confusion if we try to release an official trailer in December when there’s already hundreds of videos titled “Chicken Invaders Universe” dating as far back as September.

Early access video footage is also problematic. Things can (and most definitely will) change during the early access stages, and we wouldn’t want videos floating around which misrepresent the final game. The simplest solution for us is to disallow posting of early access videos. However, we’re willing to work with you guys and start allowing videos (after the first few builds), provided you agree to clearly mark them as “early access”. We can’t and won’t be policing YouTube to enforce this, so we’ll be relying on your good faith. If we can’t work together on this, then the chickens have already won :slight_smile:

More on this when it’s nearer the time. In the meantime, let us know what you think.


too many toasters,you know what they say,toasters toast toast

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@InterAction_studios I wish you success in completing the game


I like the idea of allowing videos and the rules that that leads

i like these dank stuffs

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Where is Chicken invaders Universe? It should be since 24h

Ahem, by September, they did not literally mean September 1st. There’s a greater chance of it coming out few weeks later though.


We need another update from @InterAction_studios. What are they up to for this month.

I can’t wait to play this game. This is going to be awesome

this will be the greatest chicken invasion yet i’m so hyped for it

The worst thing is we don’t know when will it come.

They said when its done :chicken::poultry_leg: I cant wait too.

@InterAction_studios it’s now September!
So when Chicken Invaders Universe Early access is coming?

I’m expecting it to launch next week or maybe on the 23rd or 13th

Plus they said somewhere in september, not on the first like WOW! September 1st! Time to release CIU! So we will have to keep on waiting

I have a bad feeling it’s gonna get delayed…

Btw i will wait until december. I am not big fan of demos, early acess and stuff like that, maybe will play little to hype myself, but prefer limit of spoilers here after early access :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, it would be nice if it were to come out on September 14th, since important CIU things so far always happened on the 14th (July - Teaser 1, August - these forums).

EDIT: Aaaaand… nope!


Well on 9th September, IT’S A FIRST DAY OF MY HIGH SCHOOL! :frowning_face:

We can play this game after it’s released