Planetary missions generator

Hello. In this topic: Mission Type Idea: Exploration - #4 by kokokokos I explained why I think IA can’t make planetary levels, but I wanted to provide one more way to do it.

So… Have you heard of Rogue Legacy? There’s great gameplay that involves randomized castle and every time you enter the castle it changes it’s layout.

It can always be generated differently and perfectly aligned exits because there are many rooms in the game, but we can’t afford it here in CIU - best we can go with is 10 planetary waves.

So I took idea from RL and improved it little so we can use it in CIU. May I present to you… My doodle level generator:

  • On top of my image you can see 6 levels and the last one is boss chamber - missions always ends on that so it was excluded from lottery.
  • Speaking of lottery. I used List generator to choose in which order levels should appear and I did it 3 times.
  • Inspiration for levels was Gamma Chthon planet from CI5 and I used it because every level in this planet has 2 solid grounds so everyone could see that’s possible (I was worried that if I used planet with only 1 solid ground people would say “but you can’t do that with 2 solid grounds”)
  • Darker grey color is solid ground - that can destroy spaceship, lighter grey is background where we can fly safely
  • orange sections (those with + icon and orange borders) are connector screens. They happen after completing one level and ARE CRUCIAL to make this whole idea work. It’s up to IA to decide how many seconds should they last and how long they are so we can safely and smooth get to next randomly chosen level.
  • Green and purple lines are generated connectors. Important thing to notice is that the connectors are straight lines without any curves. Just straight line so it’s easy for computer to generate it.
    For example let’s assume that every level is 200px high. Generator sees that at the end of level, bottom ground is 50px high and next chosen randomly level is 100px high it need to generate straight line from 50px high to 100px high and fill out below with texture. Similarly with the top.

I think that’s all.


I think there should be more variety, by which I mean twists and turns! It would be harder to program, yes, but it would improve the missions, so they wouldn’t just be from left to right.
(Also when you take a screenshot yourself props man (language) )

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Well. It would be indeed harder to program because we would need bigger set of levels and maybe even consider making straight lines not so straight (curved)
We can just rotate some of those, but what if they have chickens placed in way that it’s harder/easier to complete from another point.
EDIT: Or we can rotate the whole generated set so it wouldn’t be just left to right :smiley:

Or the code that generates the tranſition pieces could be deſigned to put a curve in them when neceſſary. Some waves could then have entrances at a different angle from the exits, and ſome could have multiple poſſible entrances (e.g. by covering the unuſed entrances for that wave with rock wall texture).

It would alſo be cool if the waves (i.e. chicken formations) were independent of the “rooms” of the cave, in that a wave could appear in different rooms and vice-verſa. This would likely be harder to programme, though, and would require that the wave generator calculate the neceſſary modifications to the wave to make it fit in the room, either by removing chickens that won’t fit (for square grid-type waves) or changing their movement paths to ſtay within the cave walls. Obviöuſly there are ſome exiſting levels that would juſt be completely unſuitable for caves, ſuch as chicken roulette.

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