Second bunch of my ideas

Hello, today I played more thoroughly after break (busy school weeks) and I have some things to say.

  • Planet effects.
    Hot planet effect is weird. I think it should look differently because right now it looks like sun rays. Also I have idea about how to make these effects more interesting and few new effects:

    1. Hot. Your weapon overheats much faster
    2. Electric. There are random lightnings in every level
    3. Massive. You move slower because of bigger gravity (Probably I’m the only one that enjoyed how the spaceship moved in early versions of CIU and right now Engines are useless)
    4. Messy. Inspiration for this is our amazing planet Earth. So many satellites are orbiting it. Planet with messy effect would have flying metal trash in every level that can destroy spaceship.
    5. “Perseids”. Planet with that effect would have meteor shower in every level (In CI2 on the last levels there were red meteors falling. They don’t kill you, but I always avoided them. At first because I didn’t know that they aren’t dangerous and after I learned that I avoided them for fun).
  • “It gets cold in space” boss
    I didn’t test it in game because I didn’t want to ruin my flight, but I’d like to suggest that in harder skill levels the clothes that this chicken is losing would destroy spaceship so we must avoid falling clothing.

  • Shop items view.
    I frequently forget what you can buy in shops. So here’s my idea - Let’s add catalogue button where after clicking on shop miniature image we would see all items that we can buy there. I think that icons are enough so they can be organised as a grid and take less space. Names aren’t so necessary there.

  • Fuel
    I will be disliked for that idea, but maybe I’m wrong. Right now we waste fuel only when we travel from solar system to another. It’s simple and works fine, but I really don’t travel anywhere else than the Acrisius constellation (best constellation in CIU, ). When we travel inside solar system we don’t waste fuel and I think that we should lose fuel there so we would travel with caution.

  • Fuel again
    If idea above pissed you, don’t read this because you will want to kill me. I think that we should also lose fuel in missions. This way we would lose much more fuel and we would have to buy it. Right now you can play CIU and don’t even lose fuel - just stay in one solar system and do daily and weekly challenges and missions inside this solar system. Here’s something that might bother you about this: “But what if we lose fuel in middle of mission when we’re fighting chickens?”. It should work this way: every mission would have certain fuel level that you need to have if you want to play it. So if you have only 100 fuel you can’t play mission that requires anything more than 100 fuel. Also it shouldn’t work in a way that when you click “play mission” you immediately lose fuel. It should take fuel based on how much you flew

That’s everything for now.


The first time I played I also don’t know that falling clothes would not kill you.

As you guess, I disliked your idea of fuel. I’ve never traveled outside my starting star system because I may wasted my fuel for nothing (because not all missions are available yet). Well if this was actually implemented, at least I still have the daily and weekly challenges to play :smile:. It takes about 18,000 fuel (3,330 keys) to travel from the starting position to the corner of the galaxy.

Blockquote[quote=“qbus371, post:1, topic:1491”]
Massive. You move slower because of bigger gravity (Probably I’m the only one that enjoyed how the spaceship moved in early versions of CIU and right now Engines are useless)

Just increase sensitivity

This makes abſolutely no ſenſe. A maſſive planet has greater gravity, ſure, but you’ll notice that there is no “g” in the age-old equation F=ma => a=F/m therefore the acceleration goes down as the maſs increaſes given the ſame thruſt. The maſs that matters is that of the thing beïng accelerated, i.e. the ſpaceſhip, not the planet.

Planet effects make no sense in general. If you bought all those required shields,then that stuff shouldn’t really affect you.

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I miss the old movement too. It was adding a great reality to game…

Well, i waste so much fuel to travell around a wormhole Quinkini A’qu and found 6 or 7 locked retro missions. Also i cant even enter the wormhole and even i dont earn hint WHY i cant. But i like the fuel idea. Its just no make sence to use fuel only for another star system.

I will suggest a Interstellar Arena, Event host Artificial moon or wandering boss in the future to fix this
Also Idmon constellation has every single local market as well

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Well, one could argue that missions take place near enough to the planet but not actually in orbit (where gravity would act as a centripetal force), so the planet’s gravitational pull must also be constantly counteracted in order to avoid crashing into it. Part of the engines’ thrust is therefore ‘lost’ to that end, leaving less thrust (=acceleration) available to perform flight maneuvers.

Or, one could simply say “because reasons” :slight_smile:


Well you made me remember something that could help with travel in CIU.

You all must know Battle Royale games. There’s this toxic areas, storm or whatever you call it and you can’t stay in one place because of that. So here’s three ways we can add it to game with small portion of sense:

  1. Gamma rays. Not much to say. When there are gamma rays you need to avoid contact with them, but I don’t think that it would be possible to indicate in which area the gamma rays are.

  2. Supernova. This would make more sense and be easier to show on map. it’s also easy to explain: The sun explodes and if you want to stay alive you need to go to other solar system. Simple.

  3. Cosmic rays. This could be as well gamma rays above, but this is the theory that @BinhTurtle made me remember and I should mention it. So there’s a theory that there is a correlation between our solar system place in milky way galaxy and extinction of species. Here’s the link to explain that better than me: Death Rays From Space: How Bad Are They? | Space (It’s under Cosmic ray roulette heading)
    And here’s the source:

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Added to v.53 :medal_sports: Idea


I think missions coming from massive environment should have a designated icon on their mission tab as well.

So retro missions will be harder?
I mean… whormholes have the “massive” environment

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Yes. Although, speed is not that critical in Retro missions, so I don’t think the difference will be great.


so bombers will be way slower or will they just move little slower because they already are slow?

If you’d checked the changelog you’d see that:


Added to v.53 :medal_sports: Idea


Nice ideas .
So it can in frozen planets the weapon overheat much slower . Isn’t it ?

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