Weapon suggestion (¿?) - Photon Swarm/Ion Blaster hybrid (imminent copyright infringement edition)

I started working on this weapon a long while ago. Unfortunately, I got bored of the copy-paste so I went into procrastination mode for some time.

It basically turned out to be Photon Swarm with a lot more spread and less damage. The projectiles are fired left to right and back again at a maximum angle of 30°, with a difference of 7.5° between each shot. The color of each projectile will be randomly picked from a few available ones. There are 3 sizes of projectiles, a small one (125 dmg), a medium one (200 dmg) and a big one (300 dmg). The projectiles are either fired from the nose weapon pod (in which case there’s only one stream) or the front weapon pods (2 streams) depending on the power level.

:zap:0: 500 (1x125) @ 4/s
:zap:1: 687,5 (1x125) @ 5.5/s
:zap:2: 937,5 (1x125) @ 7.5/s
:zap:3: 1500 (1x200) @ 7.5/s
:zap:4: 2000 (1x200) @ 10/s
:zap:5: 2500 (2x125) @ 10/s
:zap:6: 3250 (2x125) @ 13/s
:zap:7: 3900 (1x300) @ 13/s
:zap:8: 4200 (1x300) @ 14/s
:zap:9: 5600 (2x200) @ 14/s
:zap:10: 6400 (2x200) @ 16/s

:zap:20: 9600 (2x300) @ 16/s

Oh, right. Another result of my laziness is that the projectiles in the above picture lack color. So below’s a pic of all 3 projectiles in all possible colors.

So you probably noticed the title by now. Well, here’s why this was probably a massive waste of time:

I’ve basically ripped this idea out of the mobile game PewPew by Jean-François Geyelin (btw you should probably check it out). Specifically this is a modification of the supercannon powerup used in the asteroids gamemode.

This is also why I didn’t post this in the Ideas category. To be honest I only made this topic so that my copy-pasting doesn’t go to waste completely but yeah. Rip.

/obligatory present here/


this is the best weapon idea

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Looks good, should play with this when it will be added.

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thats an actually decent idea

Bit of a shame it’s not original, probably completely stopping it from being added into the game. But thanks.