New Boss Idea: Asteroid Manipulating Chicken

Asteroid Manipulating Chicken will appear covered with asteroid shield (that will look best if 2.5D could be implemented, especially for spherical asteroid movement).

In phase 1, it’ll have one shield layer of small asteroids, will shoot eggs (in CI2’s Big Chicken’s rate), and will sometimes cause a shockwave firing remaining asteroids from the shield. That chicken can quickly regain a shield by manipulating powers to protect itself.

When it lost 33% of its total health, phase 2 begins. It’ll cause a shockwave first, then it’ll gain new shield layers (first outside one is the same as in phase 1; the second one is filled with medium asteroids). Instead of shooting eggs, it’ll now use its manipulative powers to send a asteroid wave (if you remember original Chicken Invaders 2, there were background asteroids and that was inspiration for this attack) to us.

When it lost 67% of its total health, (final) phase 3 begins. As in phase 2, it’ll cause a shockwave first and then it’ll gain new shield layers (outside and middle ones and the inside one made from big asteroids). It’ll do shockwaves more often than before and it’ll use its manipulative powers to send a wave of asteroids to us and throw huge asteroids at you.


So…a croſs between the big chickens and the ice golem?

Ice Golem is made out of ice cubes and you need to break every single ice cube. My boss is not a golem of any kind, just a big chicken with manipulate powers related to asteroids. As I mentioned about layers, I meant spherical shield made from asteroids. Guess I’m gonna edit this to not do such controversy around here…

When he said “ice golem”,he was probably talking about its ice comets attack.

Well, I meant chicken ſhape covered with round objects that diſappear when you ſhoot them, but there’s that ſimilarity too. Although I may be completely miſinterpreting the concept.

thats a bit bs for mobile users lets just say they were also homing missiles no that is what a call an over powered boss

The game is supposed to be the same on all platforms though, so that wouldn’t pass. After all, you’re allowed to use your UHF license on both a computer and a phone, or other platforms.

Besides, having platform exclusives just for the sake of having platform exclusives is a pretty rubbish idea imo.


I’d agree…
If only they’d bring back the Steroid waves… ;-;

You meant Asteroid Waves, right?

I have the same idea as you, but mine is that there will be an “egg shaped manipulator” that control the asteroid, and only shooting at the manipulator actually deal damage to the boss while the asteroids are just shield

and remember the 8th wave of any chapter in CI2 where asteroids bouncing along on the screen? I think it’s cool to put that in this boss fight with a purple aura to make it looks like it’s being manipulating

Yeah. I didn’t see my mistake. ;-;

All hail Magnetic Manipulator!


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