Random thoughts for Missions

Infinite Missions

  • located next to favorites menu
  • select type of mission
  • type in seed of mission, same seeds lead to the same mission, leave empty for random seed
  • mission starts at 0 difficulty (like 0/8 rookie) then increases steadily, about 1% difficulty per wave, you end up with 8/8 SSH on about wave 100, but it doesn’t stop there… how far can you get? This mode is great for pushing to the absolute limits!
  • if you put a skill level on it, you still modify the difficulty of the mission. This way, you can for example headstart the difficulty a bit with SSH

Chaos Missions

  • You deal 3x Damage (can even be stacked with amplifiers!)
  • all spawn rates are about 2x times faster. Important: it’s not the same as frenetic, enemies still behave at normal speed!
  • Limited time per level, that means, if you are too slow, the next wave will just spawn on top

    Massive amounts of enemies possible, high damage leads to mass kill, this is pure action and surely lots of fun
  • key drop rate and food drop rate might need to be adjusted

Black Hole Mission

  • there is only 1 wave
  • it is about 2-10 minutes long depending on difficulty
  • it is heavily zoomed out (a bit more than in egg cannon boss fight)
  • there is one big black hole in the middle
  • enemies come out of it constantly, spawning speed and enemy types are dependent on difficulty

Love these ideas. Especially the seeded missions and the waves spawning atop one another.