New boss idea (Chydra)


This is my second boss idea for CIU:
Chydra (image for aesthetic purpose)

He is a giant chicken with 3 heads. Every head death lead to a different attack. Whenever he lose 30% health (so… at 30-60-90) a head esplode and the chicken “gain” another attack to the pattern.

His patterns are:

  1. classic egg rain (Max 5/6 on screen)
    2)start from 30%- throw eggs in random directions
  2. start from 60% - move to the Player position to “strike” non
  3. -start from 90%- the caos in the picture (he has only 10% healt remaining… is a “extra”) [the 3 heads are alive in the picture]

honestly I do not know if I explained well my idea but … thanks for your attention

P.s three chickens are better than one!