Interesting ideas for CIU


I’ll start with a new weapon that you like:

His name is The knife, this weapon is static is always present (bone is not necessary to use the button to attack to get out), however when you give the button to shoot this up, but be careful because if you keep it long time the weapon will heat and you can not throw the knife for 7 seconds, its damage would be 550 -600.


The knife (:zap:0)


The knife (:zap:10)


The knife (:zap:20)


The knife attacking

My other would be a satellite called mister me?: this satellite will give you a small version of you that will double the weapon you are carrying (but its damage will be reduced by 75%), its duration will be 10 shots only.

Also another satellite that I have in mind is called frost helper: this satellite does not attack enemies, it will act on its own ship reducing the overheating of its weapon while holding the satellite trigger button, this will last the same time as the Barbequer but not keep it pressed a long time a long time because if it does your ship will freeze and you will lose a life.

And the other satellite that comes to my mind is called Crazy supply droid: this would take out a bubble with food, a gift, an atom and very rarely a key (its probability would be 1% -0.5%), it would only have 3 uses so you could not over explode.

Another idea that occurs to me is this, there would be an artifact that will help you track these alien containers on the map, that is, they will appear randomly and you can search for them to have a free satellite or for less keys than in the store. Another use that could be given is a safe (for its design) and inside it would keep your keys.

these would be the power ups that occur to me are these:

  1. Full throttle !!!: this power would be activated by filling an energy bar, which is filled by collecting atoms (if you die you lose the power load). Once filled your weapon will increase its damage by 25%.

  2. stay cool: this power would help reduce the overheating of the ship by 15%.

  3. Gold touch: this power would have the probability that one of the shots from the ship has a 5% chance of a chicken killing it from a key.

  4. iron armor: instead of dying of an attack, 2 touches need to kill you (if you die once the shield is removed for the rest of the level, if you change the level is regenerated).

  5. Explosive fanatic: the missiles, satellites and weapons that exploit the damage increases by 20%.

good thing else that occurs to me is that the Corn Shotgun has a very low to get a popcorn and that when burning an egg with the Barbequer out a fried egg and count as food.


Good idea, but why do you call the topic that way?


I wanted to put my ideas for CIU but I was already busy so I chose that