Early access's state on every side and reasons why Universe isn't ready for October release and things to improve

I would ſay that this is open to debate.

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“A REASON TO PROGRESS”: By playing all video games in general, you already don’t have a good reason to progress other than entertainment, unless you make money from it as a YouTuber.


I disagree almost completely. And IA and I have the same plan (I think). First you “port” all previous assets from older games. Right now we just need Feather Fields, Planetary Missions and CI3 waves. This will help beginners see what the other games were made of. Then you worry about the new content. Since Noob October is coming, if they add never seen before major content, we, the veterans will be Noobs ourselves.

For me yes
And when the game was announced this was said:

This is right.
Still I said that:

So I can pass about that lack of content
Let’s remind how weapons in Universe were treated when the game was announced:

So… Why not and at least 1 more new with that mechanic?

I was saying that for me harder wave templates should stay exclusive to hard missions.
Right now you can find chicken geometry and pulsatung grid (even if in nerfed form) and three ring circus in a easy mission!
We have this applyed to bosses… Why not on normal waves?

1)Already did
2)It may be boring bug is true. By the way that isn’t too much an incentive for me. But just a tedious way to get a medal.

2 more months to add content, balance and bug fix.
For me isn’t enought time.

This will be a long reply.
Ci3 waves and feather fields are in a to-do list.
But I think that the game needs too much more to be release.
It a Free game will contain only harder old content (What actually is) the old games would look kinda easy and lame.
But you are right.
New players will be able to see that and de can help them.
About never seen content i didn’t remember people complaining about Bossa Nova or reworked meteor storms waves or being bad controlling the ship in squak blocks.

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I’m not saying that new major content should be completely postponed, but, 2 months from release is shortet than you may think, so we should at least ease up on that front.

Do we?

Not a complete mess, but they are just not so good when you compare them to utensil poker.

The problem is, we don’t know IA roadmap. So we could get new weapons before the release (it’s still 2 ~months before the October). Especially because IA liked some created by users - Collection of ideas liked by InterAction Studios (section #1)

I’m pretty sure there were more. Also, the things that we got are pretty much the things that were available in older games so there weren’t many reasons to expect critical errors.

Again, we don’t know IA roadmap.

I agree that we need new waves, but still we don’t know IA roadmap.

I’m already bored and currently I don’t see any reasons that CIU can stop being boring - I need to talk about Chicken Invaders - #2 by kokokokos

Wait, do you mean that weekly challenge should have all waves available in the game? There could be ~500 waves near the release. Who would have the time to play that?

Also, hard difficulty skill increases the chance to get a “epic wave” - Epic and interesting waves
And the thing is that difficulty scaling in CIU is good. In fact it’s better than in episodes and it’s making them look lazy, but I already discussed about that - I need to talk about Chicken Invaders - #2 by kokokokos

How would this be an incentive if the only pseudo reason to play this game is to collect keys to have better things?

Now this is something that I didn’t heard in long time. Also it can be solved by finally adding 2 final difficulty skills.

Yeah, there are suggestions - Collection of ideas liked by InterAction Studios (Section #4)
As for the feather fields. There must be some problem with them, because they are present in CI4 and the last two episodes waves are compatible with CIU engine so they shouldn’t be hard to import. So we must wait.

One more isn’t exactly more variety.

I’m only waiting for CIU exclusive music so there’s no way I can assign the good songs (that I already remember) to this game. But that’s just my personal problem with music and everyone already knows about it.

Special missions, normal missions when the generator assigns them, boss rushes.

Yeah, but we already got more bosses created by community than every other category of ideas. Also, we don’t know IA roadmap.

Agreed, I was writing about it since December - First impressions

Get in line kid, I was first. I need to talk about Chicken Invaders - #2 by kokokokos

There will be 99 tiers so you would need 99 exclusive quests and yet tiers don’t do much so they would be extremely boring. I still stand by my opinion that difficulty skills need their own challenge to complete instead of buying them for keys (similarly to unlockables in CI3)

Maybe, but what would be so special about it to make it a new family?

No, I don’t agree. Also the medal for getting 100.000 keys belongs to the most absurd things ever introduced to Chicken Invaders series.

But you just said “5000 keys are easy to farm”. Decide.

Yeah, because we can get in contact with translators and tell them to make an excellent translations in 14 days. (I’m not counting polish translation, because CI5 got this translation extremely quickly and I was just impressed)

Well the point of adding new weapon is to TEST IT. CIU is early access spin-off game and you can’t have better combo to test new things.


No it doesn’t. Both of your points are about exploration, and exploration in CIU is boring and you can play it without ever leaving the star system.

I still don’t find it reasonable to travel (grind the keys and fly to places) to find rarer items

No, it doesn’t. Unless you play a mission in every object that you visited.

And here’s the reason why exploration gets even more boring. Unless you are desperately looking for that one legendary part and you have nothing better to do.

What? I think that CIU should be a game for all players and not telling us that we played enough and that they don’t want us.

Ever heard of renovations?

Not all, but there are still things to add which would be good in CIU
Plan Update #02 - #107 by InterAction_studios

Nonsense. There are things such as:

  • campaign
  • good story
  • achievements
  • speed-run
  • challenges
    (money is also a good reason)


Still, we don’t know IA roadmap. Also if what you’re saying about new content is true, then what’s the reason we got new bosses before old content?

I see this as a win, because actual noobs will have the whole game to play and we veterans will also have new things to play. So explain how is it bad.

It’s still true. New ones appeared. Every boss from past episodes is there (not counting planetary missions bosses because we still don’t have planetary mission types.
Ninja-Chick might return. Still true.

Pathetic. Look at my discussions.

It’s already making them look lazy.

It’s 3 updates or even more. We can get something good from it.



Meaning you probably didn’t even try it. Or at least not with the best engine. I keep getting more keys the more I explore,I’m not seeing things or anything.

But what I was saying.
I was rating that weekly challenges 100 waves should come from every existing.
First impressions, retro invaders, supernova derbis, chicken geometry, chicken wobble, meteor storm.

I know that

One not.
But in post-release update maybe.
I only want another btand new mission in the roaster

Same to me

2 comunity bosses (One my oversized comet)
Out of 5 new.
Kinda few don’t you Think?

First I’m not a kid (only not english speaking)
Secondly just stated my feeling as you did[quote=“kokokokos, post:13, topic:4498”]
Maybe, but what would be so special about it to make it a new family?

I made a post with 3 suggestions (few but still suggestions).
Sincerally the possibilites are a lot

Maybe we are arguing on things on that map. Who knows?

Balance is a mess for me

As you said.
Harder missions gives harder enemies.
It new skill levels will come new hard enemies will come[quote=“kokokokos, post:13, topic:4498”]

By the way 5000 keys are easy to farm.

No, I don’t agree. Also the medal for getting 100.000 keys belongs to the most absurd things ever introduced to Chicken Invaders series.


These are kinda both good points.
Very balanced

But you just said “5000 keys are easy to farm”. Decide.

In one month of 1 hour daily you can get average 4000 keys.
Is a lot for game pricing.
Balanced because a lot of them are drained into lives and special weapons[quote=“kokokokos, post:13, topic:4498”]
Yeah, because we can get in contact with translators and tell them to make an excellent translations in 14 days

Ok. Got me.
Changed vew[quote=“kokokokos, post:13, topic:4498”]

This will be a long reply.

Pathetic. Look at my discussions.


Tharmf’s why I say is too early!

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I don’t know who to argue with. :sweat_smile:


Insert suspense here

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Guys. Who said noob october is the final Early Access phase?


Yep. Noob October might just be another Early Access month however with more changes related to beginners/newbies/noobs


I’m not sure where you got those numbers, but playing Meteor Storm or Comet Chase on high difficulty+SSH can get you around 1k keys per hour.
So actually, it’s around 30k per month assuming:
a) you don’t get bored of it
b) you have no life

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Personal experience


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Just play Retro missions, recommended on max difficulty and max length. You can possibly make 100,000 keys per month.


:neutral_face: too bad i cant play retro missions

I got 200 keys per 10 minutes average during those retro missions at max duration (and no difficulty slot adjustment.)

What duh. Exploration isn’t worth of being called a reason to progress.

Let’s make it even more clear. When I last enjoyed the exploration, engines did nothing. They were useless and exploration was useless (and still is useless). My enjoyment of exploring was burned and I now don’t have the patience to grind the boring keys just to get fuel and find a best engine so I can waste less fuel to travel to nowhere because there’s no point in traveling when I already have a best thing.

Oh, alright I can agree with that. I’m so tired of seeing “bonus wave” ~10 times in the weekly challenge.

Yes, it’s few. But my words are still true - 0 community suggested weapons, 0 community suggested enemies, 0 community suggested satellites, 0 community suggested special weapons, 0 community suggested waves, 1 community suggested mission type and 2 community suggested bosses. So it’s more than other ideas.

I’m sorry if I offended you. It was just a quote which I misremembered (Hawkeye talking about Loki). The point is, I’m the complainer type here and my topic didn’t bring any changes to the CIU so I don’t see this topic also getting any change made.

I remember that, when I was collecting grinding keys to buy the best spaceship I played a ~week of 1 weekly challenge daily and it was near 3000 thousand keys so your way to farm the keys was really bad.

I only buy 10 lives pack and don’t use any form of help like satellites or special weapons to play.

Could be made. Ever heard of crunch?

Why not everyone?

Nice theory, but I’m more convinced that they were talking about the end of early access. Because first they said “In preparation for exiting Early Access, changes made from here on out will be primarily focused on beginners” which means that changes related to beginners are already starting to come so if your theory is true it would be called “noob 3 months” and not “Noob October”.

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In preparation,they said.As far I’m concerned,in preparation can take quite a long while.

But still,here’s my general review of the game so far.

Something in the game is definitely a bit boring.

Apart from testing out new features,we,as beta-testers have pretty much nothing else to do.
Everyday that I log in,I only see people playing the Daily Challenges.It gets lackluster after a while.

Even if,say,a new family of spacecraft were added,after buying all of it,we’ll be saying the same thing.

What the game requires,is a complete overhaul of in-game function,achievements,etc.

And because we’ve played the same waves over and over a kazillion times,we become pros.

At the same time,the fun all goes out of it once repetition begins.

New content need not be added everyday,but something apart from the daily challenges we have right now,a new challenge,with extremely specific situations could be a mild challenge.

I say Boron Railgun be improved,utensil Poker nerfed,in other words,bring it all down to a level playing field.

All in all,nobody should be under the impression that we’ll have the full release this October.It’ll probably take another six months or so.


I usually play when new updates drop for the new content, and then my activity quickly diminishes. What keeps me going the most are self-made challanges, like moron railgun vs Henterprise thing.